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The Social Network Plays Well to Academy

The Social Network Plays Well to Academy

Thompson on Hollywood

Saturday’s Academy screening of The Social Network played well to a full house–the movie also opened at number one this weekend, and scored rave reviews, which won’t hurt with Oscar voters.

How a movie plays at official Academy screenings(which take place every weekend) is crucial–although not entirely predictive. Even if members like a Bond movie, that doesn’t mean they’ll wind up voting for it. I love sitting in the plush red theater surrounded by voters of every stripe, who tend to be over 50. They watch each movie with a fierce intensity. They’re checking out every aspect–production design, acting, writing, costumes, cinematography, editing, score, sound, etc. And they ALWAYS sit through all the credits.

One attendee reported:

Packed room. Packed. Perfect audience for it — interested in the high-speed evolution of culture, probably more than a few veterans of similar battles for credit and acceptance, educated and appreciative of the word (of which the screenplay has so many so well made) and the fluid assured scope of the direction. Lots of spots of laughter (Doug Urbanski sold Larry Summers perfectly). The energy in the movie fed the crowd as it made its way across Wilshire to parking. It’s enough to make you feel young again.

Here’s another:

Full House. Played well, but I don’t think it’s emotionally satisfying enough for us old folks. Not the kind of ovation a Best Picture gets. How cute is Armand Hammer’s grandson, the Winklevoss twins”?

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Going to see movies at the Academy is like going to visit the Great Pyramids, amazing setting to see a film but you will run into a lot of mummies! Maybe the Academy needs to let in a few of the younger people now and then and stop being so… ancient.


You know I’ve come to realize it’s all very much a generational thing. The Social Network is really a young people’s movie. I don’t get it, like I don’t get Facebook. Like a friend of mine said to me a few days ago, which I agree with, Facebook is for losers and loners to have all these so-called “friends” so they can pretend they have a full active life.

Personally back in my day a jerk like Zuckerman would have gotten the shit kicked out of him in school, not become a billionaire.

And yeah I REALLY looking forward to True Grit


the unbridled ego- that has accompanied THE SOCIAL NETWORK… makes a perfect match for its subject matter, yawn.

oh, hollywood… why don’t you listen to irving thalberg, just this once-
who said that any credit you give yourself is worth nothing.

thanks for telling us all that its “the best movie of the year”-
hope that the academy ignores your selfish, self-centered friend request.

looking forward to TRUE GRIT.

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