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‘The Tree Of Life’ Gets May 27, 2011 Release Date

'The Tree Of Life' Gets May 27, 2011 Release Date

Cannes Film Festival Premiere Now Likely

Ok, mark your calendars, tell your friends you’ll be busy that day and prepare. Terrence Malick‘s long-awaited and highly anticipated “The Tree Of Life” has officially been scheduled with a May 27, 2011 release date.

We were honestly expecting to wait until next fall for this one, but the late spring limited release is an interesting move. Last we heard Berlin, Sundance and Cannes were all battling to land the premiere of the film, but if we had to guess, we think the May release date makes it a no-brainer for a Cannes premiere. Malick doesn’t do a lot of press and a Cannes premiere will allow him and the cast to do world press all in one shot, and then have the film hit theaters five days after the festival closes on May 22nd.

Of course, this means that any Oscar considerations are a bit more difficult. The Academy has brutally short memories for films released before September, but if the film is truly a stunner, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And really, Malick’s name alone isn’t one that will slip easily from the minds of voters if the film is the cinematic game changer early buzz has built it up to be.

Just as a refresher, “The Tree Of Life” stars Sean Penn, Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain and is a decades-spanning tale about a father/son relationship and also the mysteries of the universes. It also might have dinosaurs (!?). We love you Terry. Can’t wait. BTW, some sites seem to be questioning this release date as legit. Trust us, it is.

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When is it going to go wide?


My step-daughter was an extra in this film and I am hoping to see the film in theaters. I live in Washington State, can anyone tell me when and where I can see this film in my area.


Looking forward to seeing my house on the big screen…….the parts shot here in Austin


that little boy on brad pitt’s shoulders goes to my school. He’s in the middle school and I’m in the high school but it’s all the same campus. Elkhart, texas has got to be the smallest town on earth but at least this gives me some hope that maybe someday I can actually be an actress like I’ve always wanted to be.


time to save money to go Cannes.

Steven Flores

Well about f*ckin’ time. I got tired of wondering when it’s going to come out and putting it on Most Anticipated Films list.


Yes! I am so psyched to hear this. My birthday is May 25 so this is a nice little gift!


Finally! Let’s hope it sticks.


HOLY **** it finally has an official release date thank god!

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