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Trailer Watch: Peter Weir’s The Way Back Gets Oscar Run

Trailer Watch: Peter Weir's The Way Back Gets Oscar Run

Thompson on Hollywood

“Just keep walking.”

Walking takes up a large part of Peter Weir’s The Way Back, starring Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris and Saorise Ronan, a 1940 survival adventure inspired by Slavomir Rawicz’s novel The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom. The trailer looks a tad more thrilling (below) than the movie really is, says Kris Tapley during this week’s Oscar Talk. He raves about the film, which debuted at Telluride.

National Geographic Films, which is run by ex-Miramax chief Daniel Battsek, financed the film with Imagenation Abu Dhabi. Battsek is coordinating an Academy campaign with Chris Ball of Newmarket, who has started the new distribution wing Wrekin Hill Entertainment. They’re giving the film a one-week qualifying run December 29, followed by a 500-screen break January 21. So with tender loving care from them and Cynthia Swartz of 42 West, do not discount the Oscar chances of this movie directed by Weir, a six-time Oscar nominee (Witness, Master & Commander). These people can boost a movie into contention.

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anon Ymus

—-The cast doesn’t look the least bit authentic.

The WW2 franchise has been exploited to death
and this clearly is NOT Weir territory…


Sorry if I’m wrong,but If my memory is correct, “The Last Station” was not Contender for Oscars.Oscar talk for that film was only for performances for two lead.And TLS was a small art house film.While “The Way Back” has a possibility to be nominated for like Best Picture,Best Director,Best Cinematography,Best Art Direction and some acting categories.And it’s a epic type of film to be needed to seen on big screen.

Oscar nominations is to be announced on January 25.I think if it gets Oscar nods, it will get a bigger B.O. run.And IMHO,I don’t think TWB release plan is not unusual.

Sorry for my poor English.
(Btw,I remember “Creation” was not well recieved by both critics and audience.It was not a Oscar contender in the first place.)


If Wrekin Hill truly think that “The Way Back” has any Oscar hope, they would not choose to open the film in 500 theaters. (the would open the film in very few theaters and bulid the film from there, just like what Sony Pictures Classics did with “The Last Station”)

Maybe the one-week qualifying run is only for making the filmmakers happy (like what happened “Creation”).


Thanks for the article!

>”So with tender loving care from them and Cynthia Swartz of 42 West, …These people can boost a movie into contention.”

Glad to hear that.I was just wondering what kind push the film would get from the distributor.But it seems like film’s situation looks better now.I really hope TWB gets some Oscar nominations and it breaks Jim Sturgess,who is one of best young actors for a long time.

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