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Updated: More Photos & First Look At Chris Evans In Full ‘Captain America’ Gear

Updated: More Photos & First Look At Chris Evans In Full 'Captain America' Gear

After some faraway set pics, a shot of stunt double in uniform and some cornball concept art, EW has dropped the first official look at Chris Evans in full gear in the forthcoming “Captain America: The First Avenger.” And the verdict? Surprisingly decent, however…

Here’s the thing, the suit and overall look of the get-up is fine but we really wish that they drop the idea of Captain America wearing a mask throughout and instead wore a helmet or something else. Yes, we know this is geek blasphemy but we think it would work much better on screen. After all, Evans looks shockingly unsilly without the mask and we hope he spends at least some time in the film that way. There’s also a rough quality about the photo/image that gives it some vintage appeal that we like.

Updated: A whole slew of images scanned from EW have surfaced. More below the jump including a shirtless, beefcakey image of Evans with gigantic pectoral muscles!

Anyhow, maybe director Joe Johnston knows what he’s doing (we can only hope) and this will turn out fine and Captain America won’t up looking like a really patriotic individual who is getting ready to rob a bank. The film starring Evans, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving , Dominic Cooper, Toby Jones, Sebastian Stan, Neal McDonagh, Samuel L. Jackson, Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones is currently shooting and will hit theaters in post-converted 3D next summer on July 22, 2011.

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Christopher Bell


Best comment ever.


I like the 1940’s setting and the fact that they didn’t try to update it to present-day Iraq or Afghanistan. Does the whole film take place in the 40’s? Or is this all just for some 20-minute origin segment and then it’ll shift to present day?

Raj Himself

I’m pretty sure most of these Marvel films will end up being the Mortal Kombat’s of our era.


He’s got bigger tits than Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley combined.

It does look pretty good, though.


I wasn’t particulary expecting anything, but this is awesome!
Hugo looks so menacing



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