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Born and raised in Manhattan, Anne Thompson grew up going to the Thalia and The New Yorker and wound up at grad Cinema Studies at NYU. She worked at United Artists and Film Comment before heading west as that magazine’s west coast editor. She wrote for the LA Weekly, Sight and Sound, Empire, The New York Times and on staff at Entertainment Weekly before serving as West Coast Editor of Premiere. She wrote for The Washington Post, The London Observer, Wired, More, and Vanity Fair, and did staff stints at The Hollywood Reporter, where she founded their first blog, “Riskybiz,” and Variety. She eventually took her blog Thompson on Hollywood to Indiewire. She taught film criticism at USC Critical Studies, and continues to host the fall semester of “Sneak Previews” for UCLA Extension. In March 2014 HarperCollins published her first book, “The $11 Billion Year, From Sundance to the Oscars, an Inside Look at the Changing Hollywood System.” 


Tom Brueggemann covers box office for TOH! He intended to study journalism at Northwestern University before an obsession with film took him in a different direction. He began his career in exhibition running a weekday film program as he studied political science and graduate film studies. Until recently he worked as a film buyer in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, specializing in art house venues. He currently consults for multiple film festivals.

Beth Hanna is a film and TV critic and Senior Writer for TOH! A cinephile living in Los Angeles, she holds a master’s degree in cinema and media studies from UCLA. She previously worked in the film programming department at the American Cinematheque, where she programmed the Cinematheque’s first-ever Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Luis Buñuel retrospectives in 2012. She also has programmed at AFI FEST since 2009, where she oversaw the screen education program, screening a selection of festival titles for middle- and high-school students from across Los Angeles. Follow Beth on Twitter.

Ryan Lattanzio is a film and TV critic and staff writer for TOH! He was born and raised in Rochester, NY before moving to California, where he received a bachelor’s degree in English at UC Berkeley. During college, he covered film for the San Francisco Chronicle, the Bay Guardian and for Berkeley’s student paper, The Daily Californian, where he served as lead film critic and wrote a semester-long movie column called “Reeling.” After graduating and completing an honors thesis on masculinity in 20th century horror films, he was sent to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival on scholarship as a jury member for Critics’ Week. Ryan now lives in Los Angeles. Follow Ryan on Twitter.


John Anderson is a New York film critic and regular contributor to TOH! The former lead film critic for Newsday contributes regularly to Variety, The New York Times and other publications. He is a member and past president of the New York Film Critics Circle and co-authored with Laura Kim a guide for independent filmmakers on how to navigate film festivals, I Wake Up Screening.

Matt Brennan is a film and TV critic and regular contributor to TOH! He graduated from USC in 2009 with a B.A. in film studies and history. After teaching English for two years at a school for at-risk teens in rural Louisiana, he is pursuing a Ph.D in American history. His writing has also appeared in L.A. Weekly, Bright Lights Film Journal, and on his own blog, The Filmgoer. He lives in New Orleans. Follow Matt on Twitter. 

Meredith Brody is a film and food critic based in the Bay Area who covers film festivals for TOH! A graduate of USC film school and veteran of studio development hell on both sides of the desk, she has written for many publications including the New York Times, Village Voice, LA Weekly, SF Weekly, and a score of film magazines including Cahiers du Cinema, Film Comment, Premiere, and Empire. Her essays have appeared in book collections such as “Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style.” Follow her on Facebook. 

David Chute is a film and television critic based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Maine, Chute was staff film critic for The Kennebec Journal, Maine Times, The Boston Phoenix and The Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He interviewed Stephen King for Take One, David Cronenberg, Roger Corman, Joe Dante, John Sayles, John Waters and Mira Nair for Film Comment, Lawrence Kasdan for American Film, Jackie Chan and Pedro Almodovar for the LA Weekly, and Francis Ford Coppola and Philip Kaufman for the L.A. Times. Most recently David was senior writer, marketing and communications at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Follow David on Facebook. 

Jacob Combs is a film writer for TOH! based in New York. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, where his mom—a former screenwriter—and his dad—a gaffer—gave him one piece of advice: don’t go into show business.  Following in his parents’ footsteps (but ignoring their wise suggestion), he has done just that. He works as a script supervisor at Blue Sky Studios.  His writing on politics and marriage equality can be read on the Huffington Post and the blog Equality on Trial, where he is a contributor and co-editor. Follow him on Twitter.

Amy Dawes is a screenwriter who writes regularly about film and television for TOH! and other publications including Directors Guild Quarterly, Emmy Magazine and The LA Times. She is a former senior features editor and film reviewer at Variety, where she covered the independent film and festival scene beginning in the early ‘90s. She lives in Los Angeles, where she graduated from USC with a master’s degree in professional writing. Follow her on Twitter

Bill Desowitz writes a weekly column TOH! specializing in VFX/tech/below-the-line movie coverage. He also covers animation for another Indiewire blog, Jerry Beck’s  Animation Scoop. Desowitz is a former senior editor of AWN and editor of sister site VFXWorld. He also contributes to and runs his blog, Immersed in Movies. He published his book, James Bond Unmasked, chronicling the evolution of 007 from Connery to Craig, published in honor of the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Follow him on Twitter.

Elaina Patton is a New York-based writer, contributing regularly to TOH! She also writes and photographs for a variety of publications in the city and remotely. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Elaina received formal culinary training before moving to New York. Though currently focusing on arts and cultural criticism, she still acts as a part-time culinary consultant and food writer. Publications and brands include ForknPlate, the Nola Defender, Couteaux Review, and the Berkeley Fiction Review. Follow her on Twitter.

Matt Mueller is a London-based film critic; he covers the UK beat and European film festivals for TOH!. He has previously edited two British movie magazines – “Total Film” and the UK edition of “Premiere” – and is now a Contributing Editor at “Total Film” and “Wonderland,” as well as freelancing for “The Guardian,” “The Sunday Times” and “Screen International”among others. Follow him on Twitter.

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Eugene Nesmeyanov

Hello, Anne!
My name is Eugene Nesmeyanov, I’m a private Titanic researcher, artist and published author (of a book and numerous research articles, incl. for The Titanic Commutator magazine) from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
I’m looking hard for the text of your article "Cameron’s Way" in the Aug. 1997 issue of Premiere Magazine (which is now defunct, as they say)… Could you please help me to get it somehow?

Very best wishes and thanks in advance,

Kory Bustard

Hi Anne,

Just read your Oscar Predictions for 2015. Being a writer you might want to give the writers credit for writing FOXCATCHER – and not the director. And it's an original screenplay, not adapted from source material. Just sayin'.


Del Weston

Hey Anne Thompson, it's Del Weston with the new Joe Pesci Film Behind The Gate which stars Joe Pesci, Oscar De La Hoya, Dwight Hicks, Bobby Flay and host of other great stars. The film is about the history of Horse Racing in America. I heard about your UCLA Extension Class: Contemporary Film and Filmmakers and I thought this might be a good fit. Thanks! Ps Great Website. DW

Anne Thompson

Thanks but that was not me.

Ken Droz

Hi there Anne, and belated congrats on the website . Assuming you're the same Anne T., we met when you were at the Det. Free Press briefly (omitted from your bio?!) , and I repped Disney in Detroit for your interview with Jennifer Connelly and William Campbell for their classic, "The Rocketeer." It was right when their budding romance was rumored, and was a tad awkward. And just a preface to the careers of all three of you taking huge strides forward. Glad I was there at the start, and glad you're doing well.
Ken Droz

Stephen Holt

Anne! I didn't know about your soon-to-be published book! Who is the publicist who is handling your book tour at Harper Collins in NYC?If you're doing interview here, perhaps we can schedule something. Love your Oscar Talk!
Stephen Holt
The Stephen Holt Show

Soeren Langelund

Hi Anne,

I’m an eager listener of your podcast with Kris and the chief editor for the Danish national television’s daily cultural news program, “Culture NEWS”.

I’m writing to you because we’re going to L.A. in the week leading up the Oscars to air our entire half hour show from various L.A. locations from February 24th to the 28th – and I would like to request an interview with you between the 22th and 25th of February where my anchor Stephanie Surrugue is in town.

We have to angles for the interview:
1) 12 Years a Slave and the fact that a black director can actually win the Oscar for the first time! – Why is it that blacks haven’t won before? You have a black president, black grammy winners etc – what is Hollywood fearing ?… and why is it that we’re seeing dozens of WW2 movies all the time, but very few movies about slavery where the white are the ‘bad guys’?
2) Woody Allen-gate. How does it affect the race? Is Cate Blanchett’s Oscar in danger – and how is Hollywood reacting to this scandal overall?

We would very much appreciate if you would have the time to help us – it wouldn’t take more than 30-40 minutes.

Can’t wait to hear from you soon,

My email is sola (@) – I have also written you on facebook (under my personal name Søren Langelund)


Christian Zyp

Loved the look back at the Coen Brothers body of work. I host a film podcast on CJSR FM 88.5 in Edmonton, Alberta. I was hoping you might want to do a 15 minute interview and chat about thier films. Please let me know if you're interested.


love u

Jim White

Hi Ann: Student Veterans are Presenting David's book to the department Chair of Cinema for her service to the arts, students, and San Francisco community. I was grateful to see David at a private event. He does not know we're honoring the chair. Once the cermoney is finished will forward the salutes to him. A truly great book. Just don't "Burn After Reading"'s a keeper. (Salutes to Phillips at GI Film Festival come to SF next year) jpw


Hi Anne,

The GI Film Festival is kicking off Veterans Week 2013 with a 2 day event at the Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles on November 1 & 2.  With GIFF being a community member of "Got Your Six" network, many of the major studios are participating.  We also have the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army attending.  The two day event will consist of film screenings and panel discussions on veteran employment issues. 

We'd like to offer Thompson on Hollywood the opportunity to show their support for military employment issues and military in entertainment at this event. Thompson on Hollywood can become a media partner to help promote the GI Film Festival LA event.  Please email me if you are interested at

Phillips Mitchell
Communications Specialist
GI Film Festival


I want to tell you about the project Dark Lifers; a new horror/thriller motion graphic novel set to preview at Comic Con in New York City.
If you could contact me, I will send you the press release giving insight into the chilling war between a vicious clan of Vampires, a ruthless coven of Witches and the desperate Human trio standing in their way.

Caitlin Marra
Director of Marketing
Adrenaline Motion Pictures

Michael Patterson


I am lining up some bloggers/critics to rate what they see at Telluride in a couple of weeks. A simple 0-5 system with comments if you’d like. Was wondering if you'd be interested? I did it last year with Stone, Tapley and Feinberg among others. Let me know if you'd like to play.

M. Patterson

Michael's Telluride Film Blog

Meredith Alloway


I always look to your writing for inspiration and insight! I'm Senior Editor at and have an on-camera and print interview show All the Way with Alloway. Check it out at latest is with Nat Faxon & Jim Rash! I'd love to talk with you further!


bert sperling

I love your site and just wanted to share with you a new interview I did with UCLA Screenwriting Co-Chair Hal Ackerman:

Thought you might find it interesting…

Bert Sperling

Johnson Lo

Hi Anne,

I thought you would be interested in the feature film we're producing – Lessons from Violet. It will be the first romantic comedy about human trafficking. As the movie Life is Beautiful got us to laugh while revealing the reality of the holocaust we are aiming to do the same with the issue of human trafficking. The awards given to our screenplay seem to indicate that we're headed in the right direction.

Here's an article about it from Yahoo News:

Let me know if you'd like more info about it or if you'd like to feature it on your blog. We're in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to build a team around Lessons from Violet:

I look forward to your thoughts!


Johnson Lo
Morning Star Pictures

Kathryn Schaufelberger

Hey Thompson on Hollywood,
I am writing to you on behalf of the online entertainment magazine, Since your blog features the latest movie trends, news, and buzz I thought you'd be interested in our newest list of the Top 10 Joaquin Phoenix Roles to celebrate the end of his acting hiatus.
It covers all of his captivating characters featured in some of the greatest Hollywood movies of today. The list is the perfect launch into Joaquin’s upcoming release, The Master. With so many fantastic roles under his belt, the list just endorses all the award-buzz about his newest performance as Freddie Quell.

Enjoy the article and our entertainment updates, and consider sharing the link on your site or social media channels. Let us know if you think we missed an irresistible Joaquin movie somehow! We look forward to hearing your feedback and possible plans to share the list.

Hilary Law

Hi Anne,

I love your style here on toh! My name is Hilary, the visual director of I love filmmaking and spent 3 years with my team building–the social flimmaking network for everyone who works or wants to work in movies! It’s a free feature-rich website that tools to help filmmakers network, find projects, showcase their talent, manage auditions or entire productions, and connect to the world of movies in a better, more productive way.

If you could mention it, use it in an article, review it, or even just send us a line of feedback– anything that resembles a response, really– that would be amazing. You’re also personally invited to join the network. I know there are lots of other filmmaking networks out there, but if you just watch our intro video on the the front page of, you’ll see what makes MoviePals unique.

Here's a link to our latest newsletter (MoviePals Entertainment News)

Here's a link to a larger post on our launch

You can also
e-mail me direct at
contact me via MoviePals at


Hilary Law

Didier Allouch

Bonjour Anne,
Hope everything is fine. Did you get this

Patrick Roaldsen


Love What you do here at TOH! Love listening to you and your insights on Oscar talk but……Kris Tapley is such whiney, argumentative and condescending towards you. You need to get your own thing going here at TOH. I read you and your team everyday. Thanks.

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