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Even though we’re in our fifth season on the air, and beamed into more than 50 million homes, ReelzChannel is still building its audience. Not long ago the powers-that-be decided to commission new sets, not only to make them more attractive,

but to be so eye-catching that when people chance upon our shows while channel-surfing they’ll want to linger awhile. Now that I’ve seen, and worked on, my new set I’m convinced they were right. I wish my neighborhood Bijou looked as appealing as the faux theater that serves as my new backdrop for Maltin on Movies.

I’m also pleased to announce that my weekly show, which debuts every Friday and repeats several times over the weekend, is now available for free on—

—Hulu; you can even watch past episodes at This is especially good news since some people don’t receive ReelzChannel on their local cable system. (We’re on Channel 238 on DirecTV, Channel 299 on DishNet, Channel 298 on many TimeWarner cable systems, Channel 799 on at&t and 1799 on at&t HD.)

As always, you can watch streaming segments from my shows, past and present, at

(For those of you who weren’t paying close attention, my program was called Secret’s Out for its first four years on the air, and we focused exclusively on indie films, imports, documentaries, and one vintage title every week. Audience tests showed that people wanted to hear me review major releases as well, so we’ve altered the format to include A movies coming out in theaters and on DVD, but we still incorporate “hidden gems” and one oldie on every show. Interviews remain a part of the mix, as well. I just had a delightful conversation with Paul Giamatti about his upcoming film Barney’s Version, which will air when the film is released in January. To see some other recent interviews, check out Kevin Kline, Gemma Arterton, and Justin Bartha. )

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Love your program Mr. Maltin but I wish you could get REELZ to drop that extremely distracting and annoying continuous crawl at the bottom of the screen! Where did broadcasters get the idea that we want our TV screens to look like our desktop computer monitors? Don’t get me started on those animated pop-ups! Concentrating on one thing at a time still works for me!

Denny Flinn

Personally, I’m disapointed that REELZ channel is running more TV Series than movies or movie related shows like yours, Leonard.

I’d hate to see REELZ turn into another E! clone.

art poretz

do you know why it’s almost impossible to view
“wake up aned live” the comedy starring alice faye, jack haley & walter winchell. the copy at amazon is priced at $135.00.
why? why? why?

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