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A few years ago, I did a long piece for The New York Observer about Cary Grant titled “My Favorite Star,” which he was and is, not only on the screen but in life, as I was privileged to know him for over twenty-five years. I had already written about him at some length, first for a column I had in Esquire in the 1970s (collected in a book of mine called Pieces of Time), and then again for a more recent volume, Who the Hell’s In It, which repeated some of the same material, though completely recast. The Observer article went over a lot of the same ground, but perhaps with a different tone, and did add a few things (such as his especially touching call to me after the murder of my fiancée, Dorothy Stratten). Anyway, one can never say too much about Cary Grant, so we have provided a link here to the Observer piece which is on their website.

Long live Cary!

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Lucy Amis

Any chance of finding a working link to the "My favorite Star" article reported to be in the NY Observer. I think it must have been archived somewhere, now inaccessible. I'd love to read it!
Many thanks


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Bob MacLean (

I agree that Cary Grant is the auteur of his films, but must disagree about To Catch a Thief, which is one of the most charming movies of all time—and charm, for me, is an essential aspect of cinema. Why else am I such a Bogdanovich fan?

Per contra, Mel Brooks has given us a less charitable view of Mr. Grant:

Bob MacLean (

I read that when Grant was offered the lead in My Fair Lady he said, “If Rex doesn’t play it I won’t even go and see it!”


Thanks, Kevin, you’re right, We’ll be fixing it shortly. Appreciate your

Kevin Reiss

You’ve got the link pointing to the wrong article. Here’s the correct link address:

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