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Classic Clowns Span The Globe

Classic Clowns Span The Globe

Photo courtesy of Bill Brioux

As I mentioned in my recent post about vacationing in Yosemite and traveling through Arizona, one of my pastimes is finding movie-related sites and signs to photograph. It seems I’m not alone; I recently heard from my film buff pal Bill Brioux, a prolific writer about all things televised ( who’s based in Toronto. He’s been to a number of far-flung locations lately and writes, “Just back from Buenos Aires and a visit to the set of Wipeout Canada. Seems our mud is not good enough for Canadian contestants to fall face first into. They shoot several int’l versions of the stunt show in Argentina. Have you two been to BA? You’d flip for the market held each Sunday. ENORMOUS, spread over 20 blocks…tons of—


Photo courtesy of Bill Brioux

He also ran across an exotic little camera shop with a statue of Charlie Chaplin out front, and sent along two photos of the figure as well as a lovely Laurel and Hardy piece, proving once again that these beloved clowns made a lasting impression on audiences all over the world. Now if we can just get Stan and Ollie reintroduced to American audiences we’ll be in good shape. A long-promised DVD set of their films has yet to materialize; thank goodness they still have a home at Turner Classic Movies.

As for Chaplin, his entire output for Mack Sennett has finally been assembled and restored on an amazing four-disc set called Chaplin at Keystone (Flicker Alley) which I’ll be reviewing shortly. What’s more, the Criterion Collection is about to release its new high-definition disc of Modern Times. I’d say the Little Tramp is doing quite well just now.

Photo of Laurel and Hardy statuette. Courtesy of Bill Brioux

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Ann Coathup

Dear Mr Maltin, do you have any review on the 1963 movie Summer Holiday that starred Cliff Richard and Lauri Peters (she is an American actress). I am trying to do a research paper on the movie. I needed to know how the scenes were done, what order they had been recorded, and generally as much as I possibly can learn about the actors (especially Lauri Peters). It was such a happy movie and all the stars seemed to enjoy themselves so much. It is easy to find out about the other stars, but my main focus is on Lauri. She was the only non British lead person in the movie, and a bit of an enigma. I know she was in the Broadway musical of the Sound of Music way back in 1959 and has starred in numerous plays on Broadway, US television programmes. We have not been privy to most of those in NZ. Are you able to help me with any info? I have tried to contact Miss Peters, but I am not sure if I was successful with the address I posted to. I have also tried Elstree Studios in UK, but sadly because they have changed hands so many times, all archive info on the movie seems to have been lost, which I find extemely sad. I would appreciate any help about the movie that you can advise me on. Thankyou.

Kevin S.Butler

Dear Lenny,

I’ve this photo of the camera store with the little figuirines of Stan and Babe recreating their classic moviing of an item.

Only here,they’re moving an old fashioned camera and not a cumbersome and troublesome player piano in a plywood crate.

I’m glad that there are some places in this country that still honor the classic movie comedy incons of the past.

Thanks For Sharing this wonderful tribute to the boys,

And I want to wish you,Alice,Jessie and the users of your site a Happy,Healthy & Safe Thanksgiving,

Yours Truly,

Kevin S.Butler.

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