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Dan Aykroyd Confirms Bill Hader & Anna Faris As “Strong Possibilities” For ‘Ghostbusters 3’

Dan Aykroyd Confirms Bill Hader & Anna Faris As "Strong Possibilities" For 'Ghostbusters 3'

Aykroyd Mentions Eliza Dushku As A Hopeful As Well

Ain’t afraid of ghosts? How about sequels way past their prime?

Like it or not, it seems like the long-gestating “Ghostbusters 3” threequel will eventually happen; much like “Men In Black 3,” Sony/Columbia seems pretty adamant about putting well-known franchise properties in front of audiences.

So you’ll recall recent rumors that said SNL alumni Bill Hader and Will Forte were potential candidates to play the new, “young generation” of Ghostbusters — original ‘Busters Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray instead taking on the…. wait for it…. Obi Wan/mentor roles.

While it’s still early and no deals are yet in place, perennial “Ghostbusters 3” booster Aykroyd told local Chicago radio station WGN that yes, Bill Hader is a “strong possibility” to appear in the film which probably means they’re not quite done tweaking the script yet (“The Office” scribes Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg got the boot earlier this year and Aykroyd took over the rewrites; most likely to appease Bill Murray who loathed “Year One“; a movie he hasn’t actually seen).

While no mention of Will Forte was made (“MacGruber” was a seriously underrated dumb/fun comedy this year), Aykroyd did (re-)mention two women who have been rumored to be part of the film for many months now; Anna Faris and Joss Whedon muse Eliza Dushku.

Aykroyd also confirmed casting elements we already know; Sigourney Weaver will appear in the film and yes, Murray will begrudgingly appear as well (what no Ernie Hudson or Rick Moranis?). “Ghostbusters 3” still has no start date, but recent rumors suggest the film will start shooting in the spring of 2011 which still might be optimistic at this point. We’ll see, as far as we know the picture has no green light yet and neither Ivan Reitman nor any other director has officially signed on yet. [Bloody Disgusting]

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Madd Mattt

how old are you all? were you alive in the 80’s? do you know/have you seen any of Akroyd’s work? you’re all completely pleased with MacGruber and wouldn’t mind it if 5 more of those shit-ball movies were pooped out… and you think Ghostbusters is a dead franchise… news flash… this is a perfect time to resurrect a franchise like the GB’s. They’ve certainly put out quite a bit of relevant GB stuff over the past few years… it’s well on it’s way… plus… I don’t know what you think you know about writing a hollywood blockbuster (i’m sure you all have master’s degrees in it), but Dan Akroyd couldn’t be the more perfect choice to rewrite the script… are you all mental? I personally cannot wait for it because it’ll actually be somewhat intelligent for a comedy as opposed to an hour and a half of stupid dick jokes… not to mention… have you all not thought about how amazingly hot Eliza Dushku would like with a proton pack on?! haha! come on you guys… you’ve got to at least give it that…


Ed’s right. This is goin’ to suck…if they use the new cast members they mentioned. Seriously, drop that part of the story. I would prefer to see them as old farts, sluggin’ at the job. It didn’t work for Indiana Jones but it sure as hell makes sense here.


I Love This article. It is so insightful and eye opening. Kudos to whomever is responsible for Posting all these wonderful Ghostbusters stories. They deserve a medal for championing this great sounding sequel. I also like the comments here because they are so helpful in instructing me on how to think. Keep Posting stuff whomever is responsible…You’re totally amazing and I love you.


I’m sorry Eddy. You’re right. I formally apologize to you for being a retard and cutting and pasting things. I’m so glad to see that your only interest in my comment is to rip on me for being stupid I guess. You remind me of someone…wait…it’s coming…you’re Walter Peck aren’t you. Still secretly mad at the Ghostbusters. Well nobody like Walter Peck…He’s Dickless.

edward Davis

Keep cutting and pasting this exact comment into all the Ghostbusters stories on the web like you did with our last story. Let me know how that works out for you, guy.


Edward Davis only reads line one of a comment and calls it retarded. Read the whole comment and you will find your retardation clearing up. And what’s all this about Back to the Future. This is Ghostbusters we’re talking about Homey.

edward Davis

Just came back from the future. I can report that yes, it’s going to suck (what a retarded thing to say).


Can somebody report on whether or not Ghostbusters 3 is going to Suck. Based on what I’ve read so far it’s going to Suck like Ghostbusters 2 did. Who cares who’s in it, or whether Bill Murray will be a ghost or not. I just want to know if they’ve actually got a good idea for the story and so far it sounds like there is no idea for the story. I mean, Ghostbusters opening franchises isn’t really enough for a story. The entire first movie is based on a plot about how ghosts don’t even exist until Gozer shows up and causes ghosts to exist. Point being, the joke is that the Ghostbusters are idiots for thinking that they can make a business out of fighting ghosts, and they would be complete failures if not for the arrival of Gozer. That’s the joke of the movie. Thus, once Gozer is defeated there are no more Ghosts so theoretically there would be no Ghostbusters anymore. I guess the plot of every sequel has to start with the Ghostbusters back to square one trying to prove that Ghosts exist and thus we need their services, which could only be funny once. Final point…Ghostbusters can only work one time. Once Ghosts are proven to exist in the world of the Ghostbusters the Joke is played out and there is no longer a comedic premise. Now Ghostfacers…that’s still funny. Let’s make a Ghostfacers movie. I’d watch that.

Dr. Emerson

This thing is shaping up to be a classic shit-show. It’s going to make Indy 4 look like Godfather II. Hopefully Murray will pull the plug.


So, the movie has no script, no start date, and no director attached? Okay. In other words, it isn’t actually happening.


I don’t know what you were smokin, MacGruber was completely awful. Dan Aykroyd should stick to his vodka filled crystal skulls and leave Ghostbusters alone.

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