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Denis Leary Joins The Cast Of Marc Webb’s 3D ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot

Denis Leary Joins The Cast Of Marc Webb's 3D 'Spider-Man' Reboot

Perhaps someone is a fan of FX‘s “Rescue Me” show? This writer hasn’t seen it, but we hear it’s rather engrossing. Anyhow, the show’s creator and star Denis Leary has joined the cast of Marc Webb‘s 3D reboot of “Spider-Man.”

Leary is negotiating to play Emma Stone‘s father in the film. You’ll recall she’s playing Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane Parker as many assumed (apparently her story doesn’t figure into the first film).

“Spider-Man” currently stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Stone as the aforementioned love interest, Martin Sheen as Peter’s Uncle Ben, Sally Field as Aunt May and Rhys Ifans will play the villain Dr. Curt Connors who eventually turns into the character known as the Lizard. It’s been rumored that “(500) Days Of Summer” star Zooey Deschanel (a film that Webb directed) will play the character Betty Brant, and that “Mad Men” star John Slattery and grizzled bassoon-voiced Sam Elliott are possibilities to play famously intemperate news editor J. Jonah Jameson, but it remains to be seen if those rumors turn out right (as per most casting rumors these days Elliott said that the Internet was the first place he had heard of the news). “Spider-Man” is already slated for July 3, 2012 and will likely shoot in 3D. Production should start either in December or early in the new year.

James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac“) and veteran screenwriter Alvin Sargent (the Sam Raimi-led “Spider-Man” films) penned the script. [THR]

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I like Rescue Me, it’s not a great show but I enjoy its world, but Denis Leary is always Denis Leary even now with his low carb grizzled face. I feel about this the way I do about Stephen Fry’s casting as Mycroft. It’s casting a face and not an actor per se. I hope I’m wrong.


$20 on that a male cast member from Glee will play Brock. And is anyone else getting a feeling that the snozzberries guy from Super Troopers is going to be in this movie somehow.

Samurai Jackson

I REALLY doubt anyone will be able to top J.K Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson


Huge fan of Rescue Me, and Leary in general. This is great casting.


I think they’re taking the same approach to casting as Nolan did with The Dark Knight and Inception: Cast big-name actors in every role. I can’t imagine Leary will have anymore screen time than Caine had in Inception.

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