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First Trailer Arrives For ‘Cars 2’; Try And Guess The Voices

First Trailer Arrives For 'Cars 2'; Try And Guess The Voices

Update: We’ve added the domestic trailer below which includes some slightly different material than the Brit counterpart.

Our last post about “Cars 2” initiated a debate about the merits (or not) of Pixar‘s least loved film, but it’s only the second one to get a sequel so there’s that, for whatever it’s worth (which is $2 billion/year in merchandising).

Anyhow, the first trailer has dropped and what can we say? We’re not really that excited. After a trifecta of high-concept smashes — “Ratatouille,” “Wall-E” & “Up” — and this year’s very worthy sequel “Toy Story 3” which still kept things fresh, “Cars 2” feels like an outmoded model. Sure, the host of Brit voices is intriguing — we can confidently say that Michael Caine is one of them — but the whole concept of racing cars and international espionage leaves us a little cold. But hey, if anyone can make it work, it’s Pixar so we’ll wait and see.

The film will hit your local multiplex in 3D (of course) on June 24, 2011. Watch the trailer after the jump:

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at 0:15
I see Red the Firetruck


i tried to find out who liked/loved cars, and all the gear-heads loved it, including me. the rest of the population were not so enthusiastic. they were busy finding human angles. so, there. if you don’t like cars, it can be safely assumed you don’t like the screaming 200 mph beasts either. don’t watch it.

The Leaping Lamp

Maybe Pixar is making Cars 2 for the kids, as they did for the first movie. My son adores Cars and Lightning McQueen and the rest and I’m sure he’ll love this one, too. I have faith in Pixar’s ability to make a great story, and I’m sure this one will be great, too. It won’t be another TS3, but it should be pretty darn good.


i did not like cars. its the only pixar film i dont like and dont own. this is john lasseter’s pet project and it sucks that resources went to this. that being said, the british spy angle is a somewhat hopeful sign that it will be decent.


Emily Mortimer

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