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“Inception” – The Very Simple, Very Short Version That Could Have Been

"Inception" - The Very Simple, Very Short Version That Could Have Been

Never mind all the attempts to (over) explain and interpret the plot of “Inception.” All that’s really important to the story is that Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) needs to convince Fischer (Cillian Murphy) to break up his father’s empire. In the film as we saw it, he had to go into the man’s subconscious to do so. But let’s not forget the almighty power of the written word. It’s better than the sword and it could very well have been better than the dreamscape. At least it would have been a much shorter solution. Imagine if all it took was a little memo to Fischer to get him to at least consider the option. Actually, no need for imagination because someone has put together a little screencap storyboard of what “Inception” could have looked like without all the sci-fi stuff. It likely would have been only a minute long.

Check out the simple scene after the jump.

I think I like this version better.

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Paul P

Here’s a cool 18 minute short that’s kinda similar to Inception but much better in my opinion:


… or, had we taken the Post-It route, we would have missed out on the real point of the film (and that’s not the fact that Cobb is or isn’t still dreaming at the end): the idea that Nolan can foist what amounts to a reprehensible act of violation over on his audience, and because (a) Fischer is a Big Business Guy, or (b) they give him Happy Thoughts about his daddy, or (c) Cillian Murphy is the whitest thing since Wonder Bread (c’mon, now, if Fischer had asked for Cobb and his goons to “incept” Saito, we’d all be up in politically correct arms saying, “Hey, that’s not nice, picking on that Asian guy!”), or (d) Nolan rips off every Bond film from here to Mars to disguise his moral vacuity with dumb action, it’s all perfectly okay. See, the scene that should follow the “Post-It” scene is this: Fischer mumbles, “Ummm, no,” and Saito shoots him. Saito then gets to be King of the Energy World, Cobb gets to see his pweshus kiddies, and everything’s fine. After all, what’s one dead– or mind-raped– Caucasian businessman…?

Christopher Campbell

Let it be clear that I meant no joke about its complication. I honestly was just bored with the journey. Commence the hate. And sorry, Danny Boy.

Danny Boy

Seriously, BlueCollarCritic? You’re gonna hate on the author for cracking a joke about thinking Inception is too complicated? The straight-forward nature of the plot is easy to delineate, thanks to the superb editing, but that doesn’t make the film the greatest thing ever. I absolutely believe that Christopher Nolan should be heralded for attempting a film that operates on multiple levels of reality at the same time. It requires significantly more of an attention span than most films. That doesn’t mean that someone can’t make a joke about how complicated it is. I like the unnecessary dialog in Juno, but I don’t hate anyone who makes fun of it. Get over your self-seriousness and enjoy a joke.


Here’s a very short version of my comment:

It’s the journey that matters, not how fast we get there.

John Harden

Or: Inception, ruined in three panels:


Either the author of this story is thick and therefore doesn’t and never will be able to understand the plot or they are just one of those “I hate anything that everyone else likes and like whatever everyone else hates” kinds of folk.

This same unintelligent comment could made about every film including your favorit film. The point of a movie isn’t to see how condense we can make a story but how entertaining we can make it.

Now go back to watching your reality TV shows which I’m betting is along the lines of programming you can follow and like.

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