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Judge Grants Halt Of U.S. Distribution Of Dario Argento’s ‘Giallo’ Until Adrien Brody Gets Paid

Judge Grants Halt Of U.S. Distribution Of Dario Argento's 'Giallo' Until Adrien Brody Gets Paid

If for some inane reason you really want to see Dario Argento‘s completely godawful film “Giallo,” starring Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner, you better act quickly. A judge has agreed to put an injunction in place against U.S. distribution of the film following a lawsuit launched by the film’s star last month.

As you might recall, Brody filed a $3 million lawsuit against the producers of the film seeking the fee he is owed and compensation for being defrauded, for breach of contract, along with an injunction to block the film from being seen by American audiences. Brody had a pay-or-play deal in place, and agreed to finish the film even when financing on the film was in trouble, agreeing to defer his payment in order to complete the film, on the condition that, were he not paid, he would take legal action. Needless to say, he didn’t get paid. So with $640,000 of his $1 million fee for the film still owing, “Giallo” sales and distribution will be halted. Moreover, the producers will be unable use Brody’s likeness or image in any further marketing or advertising until the issue is resolved.

We actually sat down and watched this other night, and it is truly terrible. Shot in ugly digital, with a tired serial killer plot, bad acting and unintentionally hilarious dialogue (in one scene, Brody praises Seigner’s choice of door locks), “Giallo” is a tough sit, and one we nearly turned off halfway through. You gotta feel for Brody a little bit because he’s easily the best thing in the low-rent picture but even he is unable to rise against the entire amateur production. Definitely one of the worst things we watched this year. But if you really are curious and you absolutely must see it, there is a Canadian edition of the DVD which you can pick up if you’re so inclined. Different packaging, same dreadful movie. [AV Club]

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Kevin Jagernauth

@Stranger. I saw it on DVD and it is definitely one of the worst of the year. And I would be really surprised if this was shot on 35mm — if it was, it looks atrocious. Also, Adrien Brody does a really good Christian-Bale-As-Bruce-Wayne voice for most of the film.

The film’s worst crime is that it’s boring. It plays out like a bad “Law & Order” episode was the canned before going in front of cameras. Standard and rote to the point of tedium, not to mention that every frame betrays the extraordinarily limited budget, most apparent in the “club scene” which looks like it was film on a set scavenged from the 1980s and populated with the seven extras they could afford.

Gabe Toro

My bar, as always, remains BIRDEMIC. So I will gladly find time to see this.


This movie is not remotely as terrible as this article would have you believe. It is an incredibly half-assed thriller script, yes. But it’s competently made and is actually pretty well directed. There’s consistently stylish camera-work throughout that elevates the film from it’s derivative, paint-by-numbers story.

Not sure where this reviewer saw the film, but I saw it on OnDemand on TW in NY. By the sound of this, it’s no longer on there, but the picture was nice. And it was not shot HD; it was shot on 35. It’s actually the best looking movie Argento has made in a long time, and I enjoyed it a whole lot more that “Sleepless” or “The Card Player.”

It should be noted that Argento has publicly distanced himself from this film as well, displeased with both how he was treated by the producers and how they recut the film.

Don’t get me wrong: this is a thoroughly mediocre movie and the producers apparently horrible people. But I kind of enjoyed it and it’s nowhere near as awful as the AV Club would have you believe. Far from the worst movie released this year.

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