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Mary Jane Watson Will Not Appear In The Upcoming ‘Spider-Man’

Mary Jane Watson Will Not Appear In The Upcoming 'Spider-Man'

Contrary to early reports, it looks like the new Peter Parker won’t be the meat in a two-lady sandwich. Redheaded love interest Mary Jane Watson, played by Kirsten Dunst in the previous three “Spider-Manfilms, won’t factor into the new reboot of the character scheduled for 2012. Consider this good news for the purists who were upset that Mary Jane was considered Peter’s one-and-only in the previous Spidey adventures. In the comics, not only was the web-slinger far from a one-woman man, but he remained haunted by the passing of his first true love, Gwen Stacy. Once she died at the hands of the Green Goblin, however, he became a total and complete whore. Spoiler.

As evidence that Sam Raimi was shitcanned in favor of a by-committee approach, The Wrap’s report on this development seems to suggest Sony was more excited about the possibility of casting now-hot Emma Stone over actually having a locked-down script. Stone, known as a redhead, was being bounced around as a potential MJ, but when filmmakers opted for only one love interest, the kewpie “Easy A” star became the only option for the blonde Gwen Stacy.

So what do we know about this project? Sony is sticking to the comics in displaying the evolution of Parker’s love life by beginning with Gwen Stacy, but her tragic death is considered a touchstone in the comics. In the source material, she was felled by the Green Goblin, but it’s been confirmed that Spidey will fight Rhys Ifans‘ Dr. Curt Connors, aka The Lizard. Is Stone’s Stacy long for this world? And will a billion dollars-worth of filmgoers be able to ignore that Stone is playing a character Bryce Dallas Howard already authored only a couple of years ago in “Spider-Man 3“?

“Spider-Man 3D” begins shooting in December with director Marc Webb from a James Vanderbilt script for a summer 2012 release, with Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Also, you saw it back in 2002.

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I like Emma Stone a lot, and I’m glad she booked this gig. But I feel a little torn with not incorporating MJ. She may not be someone whom Parker was always interested in romantically, but she’s a character that more people, ones that haven’t always kept up with the comics, recognize as his love interest.

I felt like Raimi made good use of extending the olive branch to comic book and main stream fans. I just hope that these filmmakers aren’t confusing a quality film with source material continuity. Although, as a comic book fan, I do appreciate that kind of effort, certain plot lines that have taken decades to cover can’t be given full attention to in even three or four hour-and-a-half features.

The biggest thing they have to pay attention to is staying true to the character. Look at The Dark Knight: There were some plot deviations from the comic, but Nolan never strayed from portraying each character with respect to what the comics have established in their long history, which is why its become the comic-book movie to compare to all other comic-book movies.

I do sympathize that they’re probably trying to go in a direction that’s going to make them stand out from the previous movies, but I think this might be lost on some mainstream audiences.


You guys need to do a better job of referencing your source. Simply linking to the homepage of The Wrap doesn’t cut it.


I just don’t see why the now-hot Emma Stone is attributed with an endless potential. I don’t think she’s a great fit for this movie. I think it’s a rushed decision and a few different actresses out there would have been more interesting choices.

I don’t see why Superbad and Easy-A have made her a promising talent.
aybe I’m just giving too much credit to whatever role she’ll play in a Spider-man movie.

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