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Mia Wasikowska Replaces Amanda Seyfried In Rodrigo Garcia’s ‘Albert Nobbs’?

Mia Wasikowska Replaces Amanda Seyfried In Rodrigo Garcia's 'Albert Nobbs'?

Announced in March of this year, Amanda Seyfried, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Glenn Close, Orlando Bloom, Michael Gambon and Janet McTeer in the cast of “Albert Nobbs” as directed by Rodrigo Garcia (“Mother And Child“), sounded like a pretty tantalizing prospect.

A Glenn Close-shepherded project, she co-wrote the script with Man Booker prize-winning author John Banville, based on a short story by Irish author George Moore and was also producing. Clearly a passion project, she also won an Obie playing the Nobbs character in an Off-Broadway interpretation of the Moore story called “The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs.” Last we heard in the spring, a Dublin production was set begin in June.

However, it seems like that shoot was delayed and according to a new report, Seyfried is out and replacing her is “Alice In Wonderland” star Mia Wasikowska.

Bleeding Cool in the U.K. says they were sent a new casting notice that noted Wasikowska as the lead and not Seyfried and perhaps the scheduling changes affected her availability. Wasikowska also starred in HBO’s excellent TV drama, “In Treatment” which Garcia helped write, develop and direct, so it probably makes perfect sense he would reach out to her. Not everyone might have seen her in it, but frankly, “In Treatment” was Wasikowska’s breakout role in the U.S. and probably the reason she went from unknown to the girl starring in a multi-million dollar Tim Burton film. She was tremendous on that show. Now we can only hope that another great “In Treatment” star Melissa George eventually gets her due.

Bleeding Cool also notes that in these new casting notices neither Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Orlando Bloom nor Michael Gambon is mentioned. Did the production delay bounce them out of the project as well? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

“Albert Nobbs” is a “is a ‘Gosford Park‘-style ‘below stairs’ drama” featuring Close as a woman in nineteenth century Ireland who disguises herself as a man in order to survive.

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Aaron Johnson now replaces Orlando Bloom….


i guess it’s scheduling conflict. seyfried is currently filming the “now” movie and “albert nobbs” will start filming next month. so, it figures why they have to replace her.

what i have also red in her interviews before was that, she was personally handpicked by close and she was offered the role by rodrigo to play the supporting role.

also seyfried and close were directed by rodrigo in their critical acclaim ensemble movie “nine lives” and seyfried in “big love”. so there are not unknown to each other.


Good, I like Wasikowska more than Seyfried. A movie like this could have help Seyfried to expand from doing the same things she always does. However, if there is a conflict, that is understandable.

Oliver Lyttelton

More importantly, it would seem, from the photo above, that Mia Wasikowska has a secret second career as shrill-voiced synth-popster La Roux. Who knew?


Here is the casting call for minor players referred to, dated Nov 12, 2010: CASTING BREAKDOWN.pdf

Orlando Bloom is certainly still listed in the role of Joe. Here are the major cast members listed:


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