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‘Oldboy’ Remake Script Gets Buzz, Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn & Danny Boyle Linked

'Oldboy' Remake Script Gets Buzz, Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn & Danny Boyle Linked

Remember when late last year, fanboys everywhere danced on the grave of the gestating remake of Park Chan-Wook‘s “Oldboy” that had Steven Spielberg and Will Smith attached? Looks like those celebrations might have been premature.

Pajiba has tweeted that their sources tell them that Mark Protosevich (“I Am Legend,” “The Cell“) is about to turn in a draft of the screenplay that has producers Mandate Pictures very excited and they will be taking it right back to Steven Spielberg. That sound you hear? A lot of people gnashing their teeth. But Spielberg already has his next film plotted out, “Robopocalypse,” so Matthew Vaughn (“Kick-Ass,” “X-Men: First Class“) is apparently also on the list as is Danny Boyle should those two turn it down. Those are definitely some big names, but obviously, its fairly wishlist at this point and it remains to be seen if they’ll be interested.

Say what you will about remaking “Oldboy” — we’re pretty curious how they’ll clean up the less savory aspects of the plot for mainstream America — but of those three names, we’d be really curious to see what Danny Boyle would do with the material. That seems like the most inspired choice among the three.

All this said, this project has been in development forever and there are still hurdles to clear for it to even get close to getting in front of cameras, but if this story should remind you of anything, it’s that nothing ever really stays dead in Hollywood.

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Dae Su

Boycott this! Don’t even download it on piratebay if made. Old boy is the best movie ever made not even Park Chan Wook could remake it better. Once in a lifetime. Leave it alone. Make something new stop recycling ideas Hollywood and get creative again please.


yeah, but the Let the Right One In remake was actually good, arguably better than the original (which couldn’t do the effects or horror part of the story well at all — the kids, sure it had that stuff nailed cold, the new one nailed both).


when will they learn? the Let the Right One In remake bombed at the box office, and the fans of that have about the same level of devotion as Oldboy fans (and many are the same) – remakes are generally bad, but remaking a film with such a devout fan base is absurd, even if you have a decent name attached to it


This film does NOT need to be remade in any form. PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE!

And sorry, not even Cronenberg can do it justice. PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE!

please god

please please please let brett ratner and 50 cent do this. it would soooooo cool.

f u

Fuck You. F@#K You. and Phuck Yu. Seriously hollywood needs to stop butchering amazing works of art also called films. LEAVE IT ALONE!! this is one of my favorite movies of all time and theres no way any of these directors or actors will bring any kinda life or passion to the movie.. theyll just try to make it something gritty (but watered down), shocking (though will make it simple enough for a 5 yr old to see the end coming), and inspiring (by adding what they want the movie to be about and not what was originally intending). BOYCOTT!!




Do not remakes this movie. Go away!

Hayden Maxwell

The only team that could do the original justice is Cronenberg/Mortesen.

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