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Oscar Talk: Long Shots for Best Actress and Picture

Oscar Talk: Long Shots for Best Actress and Picture

Thompson on Hollywood

In this week’s Oscar Talk, Kris Tapley and I cover the best actress race and the relative chances of long-shots The Town (we both spoke to Jeremy Renner), The Way Back (we both spoke to Peter Weir and Jim Sturgess), Secretariat and Diane Lane, and the CoensTrue Grit, which should be screening soon:

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Anne, Anne, you couldn’t miss an opportunity to take another shot at Russell Crowe, could you? You say it’s another ‘truth’ that Peter Weir doesn’t want to work with Crowe again but admit he didn’t say this, you just ‘hear’ it. Shame on you!

If he’s not considered a movie star, I don’t consider that a bad thing, he’s still one of the best actors out there and his performance in The Next Three Days is one of the best of the year. Some of his contemporaries choose to take roles like an insipid pirate or a metal-framed comic book hero but Crowe does not. That’s why he’s not considered “movie star” material.


Anne,thanks so much for talking about Jim Sturgess and nice words about him!! I have problem with hearing English,but fortunately I could hear some part.I love your voice.Very smooth. I’m so glad you finally met Jim.Jim has a great heart and personality.And I believe he is a future Oscar winner.

(By the way…what’s wrong with above two people? R・C fan or something?)

Jenny Tangiani

Wow, it sounds like you two are slobbering. You got to get a hold on that. REALLY distracting. Is it that hard to not smack your lips when you talk? How come so many are able to do it??

Trevon Carlson

Can you two please stop smacking your lips and swishing your saliva around? It sounds disgusting. I couldn’t make it through the podcast.

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