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Park Chan-Wook Could Direct Wentworth Miller’s ‘Stoker’ Starring Carey Mulligan

Park Chan-Wook Could Direct Wentworth Miller's 'Stoker' Starring Carey Mulligan

Johnny Depp Also Attached?

“After India’s father mysteriously dies and her estranged uncle comes to live with her and her mother, people start to go missing in her hometown and India discovers that her uncle may be the cause.” This is the logline to “Stoker,” the feature-length script debut of actor Wentworth Miller known for his starring role on Fox’s now-concluded series “Prison Break.”

Earlier this year, a screenplay by Ted Foulke (Miller’s sobriquet) made the rounds, started gaining buzz and became a hot property. Scott Free Productions (Ridley and Tony Scott) quickly snatched up the film that’s apparently already set up at Fox Searchlight with Jodie Foster and Carey Mulligan attached to star (Sir Ridley apparently thought about directing it himself for a minute).

Now, South-Korean auteur, Park Chan-wook — known for dazzling audiences with “Oldboy,” the other two films in his vengeance trilogy, and the ambitious and dark vampire dramedy “Thirst” — is apparently in early talks to direct.

According to the L.A. Times, “Stoker” could turn out to be Park’s English-language debut, but that said, it does sound like early days. Fingers crossed.

Also note: a few weeks ago in a laundry list piece of the projects Johnny Depp is currently loosely attached to, Pajiba casually reported that “Stoker” was on the list. Presumably we would assume it would be for the role of the Uncle Charlie, but since we haven’t seen such high-profile news anywhere, we sort of imagine it must be a tenuous interest at best. That said, the LAT says, “the uncle part has yet to be cast, but it’s likely to be a boldfaced name too, according to sources.” Johnny Depp, boldface names…. We’re just sayin’.

Wentworth Miller has also penned “Uncle Charlie,” which is actually the prequel to “Stoker” too. Sounds like the actor is more than just a pretty face and will likely have a respectable screenwriting career long after his looks have faded. If that’s humanly possible.

Last we heard, Park Chan-wook had intentions to remake the great Costa-Gavras‘ 2005 film “Le Couperet (The Ax),” and it was said to be his next project, but it’s entirely conceivable that “Stoker” could jump ahead in the queue if all the stars (and actor scheds) align.

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Funny. If I told you I’d once lent you £10k AND had a fatherless child, would you insist on a DNA test…or give me £10k and tell me to shut up, keep quiet, and go away? …Neither? Oh well, I tried.

But in regards to my initial question, you’re not the O.L. I’m thinking of.

Oliver Lyttelton

Ha. I’m from London. Unless I owe you money, or unless you have a baby that looks like me. Then I’m from somewhere else.


Off-subject: Oliver (Lyttelton) can I ask where you are from; your name sounds familiar?

Oliver Lyttelton

It’s kind of a homage to Shadow of a Doubt — but the script is very different tonally, it’s really not a serial killer flick, more of a darkly funny, fucked-up family drama, as much Hamlet as Hitchcock in its DNA. The idea of Chan-Wook doing it makes me pretty happy.


Yes, this sounds just like Shadow of a Doubt. And can we stop with the serial killer movies for awhile? What’s the freakin’ fascination here?

Kevin Jagernauth

That logline sounds very inspired by “Shadow Of A Doubt.”

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