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Relativity Options ‘The Bible Code’ For Crackpot Blockbuster Attraction In 2012

Relativity Options 'The Bible Code' For Crackpot Blockbuster Attraction In 2012

Get your tin foil hats ready.

Relativity Media has purchased the rights to worldwide best-seller “The Bible Code” with plans to turn it into a 2012 tentpole release. The books, including “The Bible Code,” “The Bible Code II: The Countdown” and “The Bible Code III: Saving The World,” revolve around actual theories suggesting the Hebrew Bible has predicted several calamitous events over the course of recorded history, such as the formation of Styx, and the opening of “Rent” on Broadway.

The books, which seem to be nothing if not high art, hypothesize that the messages were planted in the original source by aliens, which is interesting because of hahahahahaha such bullshit. Even though we’ve covered this ground in “Knowing,” Relativity somehow feels that crackpot literature stands a chance against a massive 2012 blockbuster slate with “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Avengers,” “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” “Battleship,” “Men In Black 3D,” “Spider-Man 3D,” “John Carter Of Mars,” “Star Trek 2,” “The Hobbit,” and “James Bond 23.” We do hope this spurs a big budget version of “Left Behind” because it just feels good to laugh.

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