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Stephen Dorff, Christian Slater, Wes Bentley Join Indie Drug Thriller ‘Rites Of Passage’

Stephen Dorff, Christian Slater, Wes Bentley Join Indie Drug Thriller 'Rites Of Passage'

English Actress Kate Maberly Also In Cast

Stephen Dorff, who might be experiencing a career renaissance after his turn in Sofia Coppola’s “Somewhere,” is joining Christian Slater in the indie thriller “Rites of Passage.” Dorff and Slater, as well as another comeback kid Wes Bentley (who kicked a heroin habit in the last few years) and Kate Maberly (“Finding Neverland“), will be under the direction of screenwriter Peter Iliff (“Patriot Games,” “Varsity Blues”). Also penned by Iliff, ‘Passage’ will serve as his directorial debut.

Based on a story conceived by the writer/director and Rick Halsey, the plot “centers on an anthropology bookworm who laments his place in a society that lacks a ceremony to mark his transition into manhood and leads his hard-partying stressed-out classmates to his family’s abandoned ranch – where his brother lives in a psychotic world of drugs, guilt and Chumash Indian rituals.” Slater will play a meth-head sidekick of Bentley who plays the brother. No word on who Dorff plays, but presumably he’s taking the role of the bookworm (an odd, odd role for him, IMDB calls him “Professor Nash,” so we’ll assume that yes, this is indeed his part).

Or, if the IMDB summary is more up your alley (as it was this writer’s), the story “examines the lives and relationships of stressed-out, Ritalin fueled, hard partying Southern California college students.” Slater, Dorff and Ritalin? We’re all in. Production starts this week. — Scott Taylor [Variety]

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So glad to see Kate Maberly is in this, she is amazing and so HOT!!


Why is Wes Bentley even doing this project? He has been overcoming an addiction for maybe a little over a year. No one I’d like to see more have a strong comeback, if not more of a real arrival than happened with American Beauty when he was young. But doing a movie of this content. It takes a long time to overcome an addiction like his which dragged on as long as he stated. This does not feel like a good move by him or his agents.

On Steven Dorff-aggreed. And hello-1982 would make Kate near 30?


please god let dorff’s career die for good already. this guy bores the pants off me and putting him with slater and bentley isn’t going to hide his lack charisma any more than usual.


Kate Maberly is a teen actress? From what I see, she was born in 1982!!!

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