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‘Superman’ Will Start Shooting June 2011, Filmmakers Looking For Someone Between 28-32 Years Old

'Superman' Will Start Shooting June 2011, Filmmakers Looking For Someone Between 28-32 Years Old

When is a casting story not a casting story? When it’s Deadline’s latest rambling exclusive that the search for the next Superman to head up Zack Snyder‘s “Superman: Man Of Steel” is underway. While the piece runs down pretty much every name that has been rumored for the part over the past little while right down to Jon Hamm, who recently laughed off reports, there are a couple of nuggets of new info in there.

Firstly, filmmakers will be looking for someone between 28 and 32 (or really, someone who at least looks that old). This is definitely way off the 35-40 mark Armie Hammer mentioned, making it seem like a recent decision make Clark Kent a little big younger in the reboot. Also, a factor in casting will be the planned June 2011 start date for the film, one that Warner Bros. is more or less legally locked into due to rights issues. As most programs for the fall schedule shoot over the summer, this means TV series regulars are likely out of the running.

Of course, the search will be exhaustive with the studio expecting to look at “hundreds of young actors.” And you what that means — endless contender stories for the next couple of months as publicists and agents try to position their clients for the gig. It will pretty much be the “Spider-Man” casting process all over again. Ugh. Here’s hoping the first person they look at is so amazing they don’t have to consider anybody else because we don’t know if we have the stamina for this.

At any rate, someone is going to wear the tights — eventually — as the film prepares to fly into theaters in December 2012.

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Nick Jones



Check out the IMDb trivia page — if production’s allowed these names to stay up there, they’re the only ones that will most likely be auditioning or considered.

That’s my take on it anyway.

David Jones

I read somewhere that they were looking for an unkown and that this guy was in the running? He’s done a few bits and looks the part so it may be worth a bet!?


Tom Welling or Henry Cavill, so Superman can be sexy this time. No more of the neutered saint. Welling and Cavill are HOT. If the ladies are going to be dragged to this movie, they deserve a joyous reward.


henry cavill first come to my mind

unknown user

Armie Hammer as Superman and Jason Segel as Bizarro.


I start this by saying I don’t care but then i realise I’m commenting on a snyder story again. Dude Cavill lost out the last time on a singer movie, this is a snyder movie so he will fuck with the script so much his kid can be cast. see i don’t care that much.

Screw it Viggo for superman, I’m 33 armie could play my age or younger, who was the pretty english soap actor boy in 300? bet his name gets buzz soon.

really I don’t /do care.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if for once they cast a minority actor as Superman? Instead of boring caucasian male hunk?

Wentworth Miller comes to mind.

He seems young enough to pass for a 32 year-old for sure. But Miller is like a cocktail of races blended into one . He’s 1/8 black or something and mixed with arab, jew, cherokee and etc.) That’s as exotic as it can get for portraying a man from Krypton.

Don Duck

Henry Cavill for Superman would be awesome.


the hot wolf dude from true blood is tall and looks good naked so he’s gonna look great in tights. also kind of right for the role, but a touch shorter is steven r mcqueen from vampire diaries.

clark kent

dont report it then man. just be cool.

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