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Tom Ford’s Next Film Will Be A Comedy

Tom Ford's Next Film Will Be A Comedy

Probably The Most Gorgeously Photographed Comedy Ever

While Tom Ford has been keeping tight lipped about what exactly his follow up to his acclaimed “A Single Man” will be, it turns out if you keep asking him, details will begin to slip.

Previously, the only thing known about the film it was going to be “very different” to his debut, it was something he was developing “from scratch” and he had no problem answering early queries to the film by saying, “I’m not telling you anything about it.” Well it looks like the people at Vogue (via Vulture) know how to treat a fashion icon and film director right, as he has opened up a little more to them revealing, “[‘A Single Man’] was my homo-angst movie. Now I’m shooting another. I’m writing the script — a comedy. I’m in the mood to have fun and smile.”

No word yet on when it will go in front of cameras (we don’t presume he’s actually shooting it already, it’s probably a figure of speech) but it’s definitely a one-eighty following the melancholy ache of his debut. So Tom Ford wants to laugh, and whatever the result, it will probably be the most impeccably dressed, designed and photographed comedy of all time.

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Pawel L

I cannot wait for Mr Ford’s new film. Judging by A Single Man, he’s a brilliant filmmaker, and, frankly speaking, he should concentrate on what he excels in, ie, making impeccable moving pictures.

Jon Rubin

I wasn’t too keen on A Single Man, but it showed finesse. This sounds like a step in the right direction. Colin Firth’s suicide preparation scene was my favorite part, I can’t remember if I lol’d but it was pretty funny… in an extremely dark sort of way, of course.

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