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Watch: Flat-Out Awesome Red-Band Trailer For David Gordon Green’s ‘Your Highness’

Watch: Flat-Out Awesome Red-Band Trailer For David Gordon Green's 'Your Highness'

Considering we’re huge fans of pretty much everyone involved, it’s almost surprising that we’ve been cautious of the upcoming fantasy-comedy “Your Highness.” But with David Gordon Green‘s previous studio comedy, “Pineapple Express,” being far from a home-run, and a near-six month release delay, signs were beginning to stack up that the film could be yet another expensive, indulgent misfire from Universal. However, our man on the floor of New York Comic-Con flipped for the footage shown there, calling it “excellent, funny [and] thrilling,” and now the rest of us have been able to catch up with what he was talking about, with the first widely available footage from the film making its way on to the internet, in the form of a red-band trailer on IGN.

And the good news is, we’re fully in agreement: the extended three-and-a-half minute clip is one of the best trailers we’ve seen all year, and the film has skyrocketed up our most anticipated list for next year. Perhaps the most surprising thing is just how high-quality the production values seem: Gordon Green’s definitely stepped up a gear here, with the production and costume design, effects work and cinematography (from the director’s regular collaborator Tim Orr) all appearing to be top notch. Indeed, it looks more convincing than recent serious fantasy disasters like “Eragon” or “Percy Jackson“; no mean feat for what’s essentially a fairly juvenile comedy.

And yes, the comedy does seem juvenile, but gloriously so — there’s more than one moment here that came close to making us spit white wine through our nose (most notably the attempt by evil wizard Justin Theroux to seduce Zooey Deschanel‘s virgin bride). Neither Danny McBride nor James Franco seem to be venturing too far from their comfort zones, but that’s no bad thing — and we’re actually fairly impressed by their British accents, and indeed, most of those on display.

In fact, while McBride’s character isn’t a million miles away from the self-centered types he usually plays, it’s also clearly no re-run of Kenny Powers, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be carrying the comedy on his own — Franco’s clearly playing the straight man, but rising British comedy talent Rasmus Hardiker (best known for Steve Coogan‘s “Saxondale“) looks likely to steal some scenes, albeit not as many as Justin Theroux, whose wonky-toothed wizard looks to be a particular highlight. And Natalie Portman? Natalie Portman just looks badass.

The action also looks enormously impressive, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this saw Gordon Green move onto some of those endless wishlists of helmers that circulate every time a big project comes up for grabs. It’s certainly not going to be for everyone, and while its commercial prospects are still a little questionable, as far as we’re concerned, this looks like a ton of fun and we’re counting the days until its release on April 8th, 2011. Watch the trailer below, and click through to IGN for an HD version.

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Oliver Lyttelton

The people complaining about the accents: please don’t watch “This Is Spinal Tap.” You may struggle with it.


Looks like Pineapple Express but set in medieval times. Except its, you know, funny.


It’s nothing special. Looks ok, but not that great.


Whilst I’m iffy about all the CGI, I’m surprised people are complaining about the accents.

You realize this inspired by Krull, right? The accents are purposefully in-artful.

And Pineapple Express is a great, great eccentric studio comedy. It’s also very much Green’s film, there’s as much of him in that as there is any of his other films.

I’m a massive fan of DGG, and though I’d like him to maybe be doing other things, I can’t say that I’m not excited for this. As long as he continues to make weird, funny, unique films, I have no reason to complain.


This looks awful. I will admit I about blew my load when Portman stripped down though…ok, time to watch Hotel Chevalier again.


Though if you’re complaining about the accents in this trailer, you probably should not be allowed operate a computer. Oxegen Thieves.

I’m having my period.


Wow just wow, I really fucking hate this. Was i supposed to laugh? effects lookgood and Naked Natalie but I’m oh so fucking bored of the Danny McBride world were life is one fucking in joke. Here’s an idea write jokes. Everything I expected it to be, lame stoner humour and dick gags and I like dick gags.

I can’t believe after watching this I’m not angry about Franco… I’m usually all about hating him.

One shall not attend. Team Latern! I never thought I’d think that.


A medieval stoner comedy. Whatever. But I’ll see it for Natalie.

Kevin Jagernauth

You guys are really complaining about the accents? That’s like complaining that “The Naked Gun” doesn’t follow proper police procedure.


Am I the only one getting a Princess-Bride-but-raunchy vibe from the trailer? Which is really cool by the way.


I’m kinda suprised at how not that great it looks. It never crossed my mind that they’d be sportin English accents. There were some really funny lines. But that whole suck the venom thing?Eek…But seriously, the accents are killing me. And its pretty obvious Deschanel is going to be wasted.

Katie Walsh

Ok, I’ll say it. Robin Hood Men in Tights 2K10. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This generation’s 13 year olds need their own Men in Tights.


Good lord, those accents are awful. And, it seems the movie is a one joke premise of anachronistic curse words.

Ha! They said motherfucker in a medieval movie!



Not a lot of love for Pineapple Express, eh? I thought it was fairly brilliant.

Monopoly Guy

“…there’s more than one moment here that came close to making us spit white wine through our nose”

Oh dear, I do believe that I chuckled so heartily at this delightfully mirth-making trailer that my monocle threatened to slide from my eye!

The Playlist

Same trailer they played at NYCC. It’s really great and honestly really impressed on a big screen with the full on sight and sounds.

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