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Will Forte & Bill Hader To Join ‘Ghostbusters 3’?

Will Forte & Bill Hader To Join 'Ghostbusters 3'?

Anna Faris Also Linked To Film

A flurry of activity surrounds the still-gestating “Ghostbusters 3,” and while some of it smells fishy, there still remains the possibility of a kernel of truth. The guys at What’s Playing have apparently unearthed some casting news from their source at Sony, who can’t confirm the hot rumor that Sony is high on Anna Faris, but will go on record saying former “Saturday Night Live” castmates Will Forte and Bill Hader may be candidates to join this newest incarnation of the franchise.

“Dunno. First I’ve heard of [Anna Faris]. Heard Will Forte’s name mentioned and Bill Hader, but not Faris. I’m not in on all that though, so she could be; [Sony] does like her,” the source said.

Forte, who recently left “SNL,” was last seen in “MacGruber,” but with that effort being as well-received as “The Ladies Man,” his career may be in trouble. Hader, meanwhile, has built a diverse body of work, but remains only in quirky supporting roles. The duo, easily the most talented cast members in recent “SNL” history, could certainly use a break — Hader’s specialty lies in demented impersonations and a memorably elastic face, while Forte’s, uh, forte. is rooted in aggressively ersatz alt-comedy stylings.

Knowing how original Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray rose up the same ranks, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see these two enlisted. We also find it plausible a talented comedienne like Faris would be enlisted as well, an upgrade over Aykroyd’s (probably drunken) overtures to Eliza Dushku.

There’s also word that Sony is holding casting calls in Los Angeles and Chicago for young men and women ages 18-30. This notice confirms that Aykroyd has re-written the script, and that shooting is to begin in Chicago in May 2011, which jives with speculation about start dates earlier in the month. And apparently you can audition for “Ghostbusters 3” yourself — what are you waiting for?

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Can somebody report on whether or not Ghostbusters 3 is going to Suck. Based on what I’ve read so far it’s going to Suck like Ghostbusters 2 did. Who cares who’s in it, or whether Bill Murray will be a ghost or not. I just want to know if they’ve actually got a good idea for the story and so far it sounds like there is no idea for the story. I mean, Ghostbusters opening franchises isn’t really enough for a story. The entire first movie is based on a plot about how ghosts don’t even exist until Gozer shows up and causes ghosts to exist. Point being, the joke is that the Ghostbusters are idiots for thinking that they can make a business out of fighting ghosts, and they would be complete failures if not for the arrival of Gozer. That’s the joke of the movie. Thus, once Gozer is defeated there are no more Ghosts so theoretically there would be no Ghostbusters anymore. I guess the plot of every sequel has to start with the Ghostbusters back to square one trying to prove that Ghosts exist and thus we need their services, which could only be funny once. Final point…Ghostbusters can only work one time. Once Ghosts are proven to exist in the world of the Ghostbusters the Joke is played out and there is no longer a comedic premise. Now Ghostfacers…that’s still funny. Let’s make a Ghostfacers movie. I’d watch that.

Pj Kneisel



Will Forte, Bill Hader coupled with someone like Jesse Eisenberg and Ed Helms and you’ve got yourself a new Ghostbusters cast.


you guys always get that wrong


jibes, not jives


I don’t want to see Faris wearing a proton pack. I like Hader and Forte though. If they cast Jon Hamm and Woody Harrelson as the other two new Ghostbusters, I would be first in line to see this.


Let us know when you find actual news.

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