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WTF: Check Out Alec Baldwin’s Holiday Ads For Wegmans

WTF: Check Out Alec Baldwin's Holiday Ads For Wegmans

Totally Amazing/Totally Frightening

We’re not sure how on Earth Alec Baldwin‘s agent convinced him to do these. He is either the smartest man in Hollywood or the dumbest. Or both. But either way, these ads for the grocery store chain Wegmans, bizarrely starring Alec Baldwin, are total WTF amazing and brilliant.

In the first spot, Baldwin reveals that neither he nor his mother is capable of picking a single cake or pie to eat and decides to buy one of each. In the second spot, Baldwin is so overjoyed that you can buy complete meals for $6 at Wegmans that he launches into a frightening mini-rant about how he is unable to obtain coffee for that price in New York City. Seriously, we got a little scared during this one.

Leave it to Baldwin to fly in the face of conventional wisdom that says when you’re riding a high in Hollywood, it’s probably not the best thing to do advertising for a regional supermarket chain. You show ’em Alec. Watch the ads after the jump. [via Vulture]

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