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WTF: Check Out Alec Baldwin’s Holiday Ads For Wegmans

WTF: Check Out Alec Baldwin's Holiday Ads For Wegmans

Totally Amazing/Totally Frightening

We’re not sure how on Earth Alec Baldwin‘s agent convinced him to do these. He is either the smartest man in Hollywood or the dumbest. Or both. But either way, these ads for the grocery store chain Wegmans, bizarrely starring Alec Baldwin, are total WTF amazing and brilliant.

In the first spot, Baldwin reveals that neither he nor his mother is capable of picking a single cake or pie to eat and decides to buy one of each. In the second spot, Baldwin is so overjoyed that you can buy complete meals for $6 at Wegmans that he launches into a frightening mini-rant about how he is unable to obtain coffee for that price in New York City. Seriously, we got a little scared during this one.

Leave it to Baldwin to fly in the face of conventional wisdom that says when you’re riding a high in Hollywood, it’s probably not the best thing to do advertising for a regional supermarket chain. You show ’em Alec. Watch the ads after the jump. [via Vulture]

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You “seriously” think his commenting for 5 seconds about the price of coffee in New York is a mini-rant and frightening? Really?

After that exaggerated build up, I was actually disappointed when I saw the video. After all, a good rant from Alec Baldwin is always worth watching. LOL!

As for whether or not this was a good idea for him, I don’t really think he cares at this point in his career. He likes the store, and he wants the world to know. Good for him.

Now I wish we had Wegmans in Atlanta…


I think Alec could use one fewer side item with his $6 meal –
Just sayin’…


Wegmans is an awesome grocery store. I wish they were in Los Angeles. I can only hope that he did the ads because of Wegman’s awesomeness…

Makes me proud to be from Upstate New York.

Susan Garvin

Loved it! I wish I could see Christina Aguilera pitching Primanti’s or F.Murray Abraham singing the praises of the O. (I think I just ran out of famous people from Pittsburgh.) I might buy a car from JDByRider if Brad Pitt asked me, too – wtf is happening to me? Seriously, I love Alec Baldwin and hopes he continues to freak people out.


Following up on the Letterman anecdote, apparently Alec contacted Wegmans after mentioning them on the show and volunteered that he would like to do a commercial for them. They run them on the video screen in the store…surprisingly lengthy bits. His mom must really love Wegmans.

Linda in Wales

Alec Baldwin has never stuck to ‘conventional wisdom’ – and I hope he never will!


Great but has he got jaundice?


On Letterman in May, he talked about Wegman’s and how much his mother loved it and joked that she’d never move to California because she’d have to leave Wegman’s behind. Gotta love him staying true to his local supermarket.


ahahahaha he’s a genius xD

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