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‘Zombieland’ Producer Gavin Polone To Direct ‘Psycho Killer’ By ‘Se7en’ Scribe Andrew Kevin Walker

'Zombieland' Producer Gavin Polone To Direct 'Psycho Killer' By 'Se7en' Scribe Andrew Kevin Walker

Well, here’s a project we’re going to keep an eye on. Eli Roth, producer Eric Newman (“Children Of Men,” “Dawn Of The Dead“) and StudioCanal have teamed on an intriguing serial killer film, the appropriately titled, “Psycho Killer.” So why are we interested?

The film will boast a script by “Se7en” scribe Andrew Kevin Walker, the pic will tell “the story of a nameless, masked murderer who leaves a trail of victims across the U.S. In a chance encounter on the plains of Nebraska, he kills a highway patrolman. The only witness, the patrolman’s young wife — also an officer — sets out to hunt the killer down.” And while it may sound your standard vengeance flick, the narrative will spend “the first 20% of the film” with the serial killer and “then follows the paths of killer and officer until they converge.”

Producer Gavin Polone (“Zombieland“) will be making his directorial debut with the film, which once had Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst attached to helm. Shooting is gearing up for a late spring start with a budget in the mid-teens while filmmakers are on the hunt for a female lead, but are seeking a familiar face, not a big star.

Described by Roth as an “elevated, uncompromised, R-rated thriller” we’re mostly hopeful that Walker’s script lives up to its promise, and we’re excited by the prospect of a thriller with a female lead. Here’s hoping “Psycho Killer” can live up to its potential. [Variety]

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He reviews most accurately and strikes like Thunderballs. I concur 100% with the 1st comment: the opening section from the killer’s POV is intriguing, and the conclusion is so over the top it’s fun, but the whole middle of the script is dreadful. There’s a reason it didn’t get made before, even with David Fincher producing it. Apparently, they felt the hunt for a killing-machine mass murderer wasn’t enough to keep the target audience of 13 year old boys interested, so they threw in some machine gun battles and government conspiracies too. It read like a bad Direct to DVD rip-off of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.


I read the script, it was beyond awful. It starts out alright enough, but once the female cop is introduced it goes WAAAAAAY downhill and becomes a trite piece of crap. There is nothing here that you haven’t seen before.

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