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Beauty of Pixar Reel, Stamps

Beauty of Pixar Reel, Stamps

Thompson on Hollywood

Leandro Copperfield cuts together some 500 scenes from Pixar movies–he sampled one a day for eleven days. The splendid result, The Beauty of Pixar, is below. I was taken aback when a critic I respect, LA Weekly’s Karina Longworth, dissed Pixar recently on Twitter. When asked why she voted for Tron: Legacy over Toy Story 3 as best animated movie in the Village Voice/LA Weekly poll, she responded: “Tron is animated in the same sense that Mary Poppins is. And fuck Pixar, basically.”

Critics are often successful not only for their discernment and writing skills but for their ability to zig when others zag, to grab attention (see Armond White). It’s so easy to tweak the team at Pixar, who labor long and hard to write, design and execute smart, heart-tugging, gorgeous CG movies with mainstream commercial appeal. Does their enviable string of blockbusters–and status as worthy subjects for USPS special edition stamps– mean that they are fat establishment targets, subject to dismissal? Now there’s something wrong with them? Is excellence no longer a virtue? Is artful arcania preferable?

Methinks there is room for both.

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Since most Pixar movies are rated higher than 99% of most other movies, I’d say that even if they were overrated, a lower rating would still rank them higher than the vast majority of most other movies (including Tron).

Karina’s comment is just another example showing that what she thinks and what is true do not significantly overlap.

And I give her permission to say “Fuck” to me, too, if saying so makes her feel better about herself.


Do I prefer Tron to Toy Story and every other Pixar film I’ve seen, which I generally feel are overrated? Sure, and I’m not saying that to be contrarian –if Spout still existed, I’m pretty sure I could point you to things I’ve written on the matter that are far more articulate than that @reply to a friend who was playfully needling me. I was (I thought) obviously being playfully dismissive back, in a forum that allows for that. I didn’t think of it as a major, Armond White-esque, anti-Pixar statement.

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