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Confirmed: Jon Favreau Won’t Be Directing ‘Iron Man 3’

Confirmed: Jon Favreau Won't Be Directing 'Iron Man 3'

We can’t say this news is really all that surprising, but Vulture reports that Jon Favreau will not be directing “Iron Man 3.”

The reasons are unclear and we imagine no one will ever quite know for sure but it seems to be a combination of Marvel thriftiness and Favreau’s growing frustration at having his films turned into giant Easter egg-fests that has finally caused a rift between the director and the studio. Favreau has been playing cagey about returning for a while now taking a wait-and-see approach when asked earlier in the year. As for Marvel, its reported their notoriously cheap approach to making big-budget action movies wasn’t going to gel with having to pay Jon Favreau north of $10 million upfront for “Iron Man 3” in addition to 15% backend on the final gross. Word is, Marvel also put forward a ridiculously packed and complex vision for the third film that finally pushed Favreau over the edge, forcing him to leave the franchise.

However, Marvel isn’t out of the woods just yet. Robert Downey Jr. has director approval in his contract so if they think they can just throw in a newbie helmer who will work for peanuts they might have another think coming. And moreover, this could all just be one big tactic by Favreau as well; as you might recall, he used fan outrage at the lowballing of his salary for “Iron Man 2” to score a better paycheck. Geeks are notoriously loyal and they may not take too kindly to someone else stepping into the Favreau/RDJ relationship that has, thus far, done so well. So will the geeks rally to get Favreau back and let him tell the story his way without all the needless cameos and eyewinks? We’ll have to wait and see.

“Iron Man 3” is already scheduled for a May 3, 2013 release, so Marvel does still have some time to sort this all out. Deadline says they have this confirmed.

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I think they should keep Jon to do the third film. I mean, he’s already done the first two and that’s what we are used to. If it’s different, more of a “Clancy style” movie as i’ve been hearing, it’s going to let a lot of people down.


Can’t say it’s much of a loss. But knowing Marvel’s choices of directors, it might be even more disastrous if they replace him.

This franchise could have been something more, but it’s been bogged down into conventional, utterly forgettable mediocrity. Favreau and co. just don’t understand the technoerotic fascination at the heart of this series. His sensibilities are just too generic to rise above what’s given to him. But, as we’ve gotten it, I doubt anyone’s going to watch these films 10 years from now.


Marvel have been lining up some mediocre talent: Favreau, Leterrier, Johnston, Branagh. They’re utterly contemptuaous towards any directors who know anything about cinema.

Carson Dyle

They need to get some better writers. Iron Man was mediocre and Iron Man 2 was an embarassment. Favreau’s forgettable direction didn’t help either.


Meh, Favreau’s direction was serviceable, but not particularly memorable. Both Iron man movies are horribly mediocre fluff.

Favreau just doesn’t understand composition and aesthetics. Those 2 Iron Man movies have some of the most amateur framing in superhero movies, they’re only a few steps away from Ghost Rider (a movie that’s awful to look at).

Either way, this doesn’t matter. Iron Man 2 has already been forgotten. Both those films will disappear within a few years. Favreau is a hack.

Jorge Alduncin

I think I’d be a great director for the film


Why won’t MARVEL learn from other company’s mistakes? Imposing time constraints and replacing a director gets you X3, Interferring with a director’s vision gets you Spider-Man 3.

Fav’s delivered the goods on IM1 and @ least IMHO, he delivered an excellent IM2 (inspite of all of the ‘easter eggs’, ‘tie-ins’ and references that STILL managed to tell us ALMOST NOTHING about what to expect for a story in AVENGERS. )


David Wain. Just do it, Marvel.


Arguably the best comic book movie ever. Especially considering Iron Man was virtually unknown to non-Marvel fans. What Favreu did for Marvel as a whole he deserves creative control for Iron Man. He’ll put in enough easter eggs to make nerd boys happy. Just let him make his movie.


Just pay him and give him the creative control he’s earned. Jeebus, Marvel, get your heads out of your ass.

My prediction. After “Thor” tanks hard, “Captain America” under-performs (crashes and burn internationally), and “The Avengers” ends up firing Joss Whedon and misses their release date… Favreau will be back in the driver’s seat.


Since Ironman 1 was great and Ironman 2 Sucked…Do we really need Ironman 3. It sounds like yet another franchise where the first movie is the only good one (Pirates anyone).

I think Favreau should make another absolutely essential sequel…Zathura 2.


David Gordon Green.


2 words: Joel Schumacher


I think Michael Bay could be a possible replacement. :-)


M.Night Shamalalalayman for IM3 …booya!



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