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Did Owen Wilson Just Admit He’ll Appear In Wes Anderson’s Upcoming ‘Moon Rise Kingdom?

Did Owen Wilson Just Admit He'll Appear In Wes Anderson's Upcoming 'Moon Rise Kingdom?

Actor Says No, Then Yes, Then Backpedals To A “You Never Know” With A Wink

Wes Anderson‘s upcoming ’60s-set movie “Moon Rise Kingdom” was announced earlier this year, and apart from Bill Murray, none of the regular Anderson players (Jason Schwartzman, Angelica Huston, Owen and Luke Wilson) were mentioned as part of the cast. Instead a new group of actors, including Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand and Tilda Swinton were reported to be in negotiations for the film centering on two young adults who fall in love and run away in a New England town.

But when Owen Wilson was asked today during the “Little Fockers” junket whether he would turn up in “Moon Rise Kingdom” — if he didn’t it would be the first time in the history of Anderson’s films — the actor flip-flopped, initially saying no, then basically yes, and then well, we’ll see.

“I am not going to be a part of it,” Wilson said when asked about the film, before clarifying, “Well, I won’t be playing one of the main characters in it. I have read the script and it’s really funny. It’s really good.”

Pressed a bit more and asked if the role would be a cameo Wilson said, “You never know,” slyly with a big grin which pretty much every journo in the room took as a yes. Sounds like there’s a role for Wilson in the film somewhere, and we certainly wouldn’t bet against it. No start date is set for the film yet, but we’d assume it will likely shoot sometime in 2011. Oh, and those who thought “The Rosenthaler Suite,” the quirky auteur’s adaptation of the French film, “My Best Friend,” would be next, would be wrong. The director revealed earlier this year he has no plans to direct the screenplay he wrote and he only penned it on assignment for Ron Howard and Brian Grazer because the producing duo asked him to. – Reporting by Kimber Myers

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Edward Davis

True, technically he’s not in it, but as noted, he does appear in the photo as Edward Appleby and is appears in the film’s credits as such.


True Wilson did not act in Rushmore, but he co-wrote the movie. Anderson has said on multiple occasions that he NEVER wants to make a movie without Owen Wilson, so if Wilson did not co-write Moon Rise Kingdom (which he didn’t), then at least a cameo by Wilson is an absolute certainty here.


Pretty sure he appeared in photos in Rushmore (as Edward Appleby), so I suppose that counts.

fancy pants

owen was’nt in ‘rushmore’. so this wouldn’t be the first time he didn’t appear in one of anderson’s films.


Did he say “no” than yes or THEN yes? Yay for spelling!

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