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First Look: Kirsten Dunst & Jim Sturgess In Sci-Fi Romance ‘Upside Down’

First Look: Kirsten Dunst & Jim Sturgess In Sci-Fi Romance 'Upside Down'

The plot is a little out there, but we’re definitely curious for the forthcoming sci-fi romance “Upside Down” starring Kirsten Dunst and a bearded Jim Sturgess.

Directed by Juan Solanas (Argentinian arthouse fave “Nordeste“), the film follows Adam (Sturgess) a seemingly ordinary guy who is holding on to the memory of Eve, a girl he met once upon a time from another world, an inverted affluent world with its own gravity. Their childhood flirtation becomes an impossible love but when he catches a glimpse of grown-up Eve on television, nothing will get in the way of getting her back. The first images from the film are certainly eye opening, promising a picture that certainly won’t skimp on dazzling visuals. That said, sci-fi romance as a genre has a bit of rocky track record so we’re cautiously optimistic for this one.

No word yet on release dates but we expect it to crop up in the festival circuit in 2011. [Into The Screen via /Film]

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JustSayMaybe is right.The man in the dance scene is NOT Jim Sturgess.Please correct the article.And Sturgess plays Adam,Dunst plays Eve.Eve is a dancer.It’s just Eve’s scene.Below is the description of this scene from the script.

“Eve and the man start dancing among the couples. Her tango style is strikingly intense and emotional. She’s a phenomenal dancer. But the man isn’t to be outdone: their dance gradually grows more and more passionate, turning into a seduction.”

FYI.Juan Solanas is a award winning director.His short film( “The Man Without a Head”)won Jury Prize at Cannes and won César.It’s brilliant. has perfect and more clear version of this film.(No subtitle though)


That is NOT Jim Sturgess in the photo. Follow this link for a pic of Sturgess filming Upside Down in Montreal….

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