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First Poster & Trailer For Jodie Foster’s ‘The Beaver’ Starring Mel Gibson

First Poster & Trailer For Jodie Foster's 'The Beaver' Starring Mel Gibson

As promised earlier this week, here is the first poster and trailer for the much-anticipated Mel Gibson-led dramedy, “The Beaver,” directed by and co-starring Jodie Foster.

With what will probably be the actor’s attempted re-entry into Hollywood, the film follows the story of Walter Black, a husband and successful toy company CEO who finds himself in a rut after separating from his wife. However, Black soon uncovers a beaver hand puppet which he is able to use as a tool for communication and a wall between himself and his life. Also co-starring in the pic are the duo of rising stars in Anton Yelchin, who plays Black’s son, and “Winter’s Bone” star Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Yelchin’s girlfriend.

The film is fittingly and inspiringly portrayed here as the story of ‘a man on the path to redemption,’ but whether that is simply a reaction to everything that has happened to “The Beaver”‘s star since filming took place or if it truly is the way the story plays out remains to be seen. There’s definitely parallels throughout, especially when Yelchin yells “I’m not talking to you, nutjob” or when Foster proclaims “I will continue to fight for you because I love you.”

Either way, it looks like a fascinating character piece for Gibson, as he explores the down-and-out Black’s relationship with his wife and son (Foster, Yelchin), likely to be the driving force and emotional center of the whole film. One review of the 2008 Blacklisted script by Kyle Killen described it as a “dark, weird [and] edgy” tale particularly as the puppet “starts to take over the man’s life.” And, in case you’re wondering: yes, the puppet has the English accent in the script too, though there’s nothing there about Gibson having to pull out a Ray Winstone impression.

Summit Entertainment is eyeing a Spring release next year for the film which certainly jives with previous reports regarding a February 11th release in the U.K. through Gibson’s own Icon Films. We can’t wait. [AppleTrailers]

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kind of weird how the Mel Gibson stories on this blog bring out all the desperate-sounding Mel promoters and apologists


I really thought it was Ray Winstone … Why doesn’t Mel try and do an Aussie film like Animal Kingdom.

Seems like they give the ending away in the trailer.


This actually looks kinda’ adorable.

Dan North

So, there’s the whole story, from depression to redemption, summarised in a minute and a half. Far too much given away, though you can tell that they’re trying hard to help you warm to Gibson again, as if this is his public rehabilitation.


I think this looks simply BRILLIANT and I for one will attend opening day! Mel Gibson is one of Hollywood’s finest and most talented actors, and it will be SO good to see him on the big screen again!


there is a shitty cam shot bootleg trailer for tree of life out google it


That annoying kid from those car commercials is in this movie. fuck


i want to see more!


Really like the look of the trailer. I think Mel is an interesting performer to watch and I will be there. Actors’ personal lives are not my interest – I just want to see good movies.

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