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Flickchart Top 20 of 2010 Led by Inception, Scott Pilgrim

Flickchart Top 20 of 2010 Led by Inception, Scott Pilgrim

Thompson on Hollywood

Flickchart is a film buff’s addictive time-waster that’s a best-to-avoid for me. Sure enough, I’m lured to check out the site’s Top 20 of 2010 chart, compiled from some 49 million rankings from Flickchart users all over the world. Surprise: Inception is number one, followed by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. (They also have a best animated films of 2010 chart, which does not include The Illusionist in its top ten. Humph.)

The site lets you vote for one movie (usually a classic) over another, and compiles your top-ranked films as you go. Foolishly, I jumped into creating my own chart of favorite movies of 2010. While I have ranked so many movies (1682) on my all-time rankings chart that it’s fairly representative of my taste, the 2010 chart is a disaster. First, who knew how many awful-looking grade B and obscure foreign films I failed to see in 2010 (perhaps wisely)? It will take a major time suck before my 2010 chart resembles anything close to what I actually liked this year.

Flickchart Trailer:

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Now I know why I DO NOT belong to you site. The readers who compiled this list are STUPID. Why else would this list include Get Him To The Greek, Book Of Eli and Scott Pilgrim


FYI, “The Illusionist” is #13 on the Best Animated Films of 2010…


See, everyone loves Scott Pilgrim, even the critics, as seen in it’s surprising showing in all these critics awards. How it did so poorly at the box office confounds me.

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