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Harris Joins IndieWIRE as Editor-in-Chief, Starts January 1

Harris Joins IndieWIRE as Editor-in-Chief, Starts January 1

Thompson on Hollywood

I am pleased to introduce indieWIRE’s second editor-in-chief, Dana Harris. We worked side by side at Variety for two years when she was editor of Before that I had followed her journalism career as a respected staff reporter at Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Harris first earned her indie bonafides as managing editor of the Independent Film and Video Monthly. The reason Harris landed this sought-after position? Of all the impressive folks who went after it, Harris was the only one to fulfil all three of the essential skill sets necessary to step into the big shoes left by departing founder Eugene Hernandez (now digital director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center).

IW’s new editor-in-chief needed to have journalism chops and cred (check), share the indieWIRE mission for building and supporting the independent film community (check), and be expert and forward-thinking about online publishing (check). I can attest that Harris is brilliant on all of those fronts. I look forward to working with her as we shape and grow the IW Blog Network and head to cover together yet again Sundance, Cannes and beyond.

By building on the core DNA that drives indieWIRE as well as the editorial team led by Brian Brooks that continues to carry on the IW mandate, Harris will, I am sure, lead the burgeoning IW into a bright future.

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J. Sperling Reich

Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment expressed by Harry. While I was sad to see Eugene depart, I am very happy to see Dana Harris sign on with indieWIRE. Really look forward to seeing where she takes the website and its many ancillary ventures.


Dana Harris has always been a class act. And I am very pleased by this hiring.

Mark Rabinowitz

Not to pick nits, but Dana’s actually iW’s third Editor in Chief, as Eugene and I were Co-Editor in Chiefs for a while in the 90’s.
That said, I too am excited and very pleased to hear about Dana’s hiring. She’s always been one of my favorites and I look forward to seeing her around the circuit and to continuing to contribute to the growth of indieWIRE in whatever way I can!


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