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Harrison Ford’s Reps Deny That He Said He Wants To Kill Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford's Reps Deny That He Said He Wants To Kill Indiana Jones

We’re not sure why anybody trusts anything printed by ShowbizSpy, but we suppose it’s the slow pre-Christmas week — and perhaps some geek sites let the egg nog get to their head. But according to quotes from a probably made up “insider” ShowbizSpy claimed that Harrison Ford wants Indiana Jones to die in a fifth film, allowing the torch to be passed to a new whip cracking hero.

However, actual news site Huffington Post, reached out to reps for the action star who have denied those claims, calling the ShowbizSpy report “false.” Yeah, that figures. ShowbizSpy is a weird mix of actual news and just plain made up stuff based on sources that don’t seem to have any actual connection to the talent they’re talking about.

Now, has the idea of a fifth installment been batted around? Definitely. Earlier in the year Ford revealed that he, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have come up with an idea for a fifth outing and lord knows, if the nearly seventy-year-old Ford can still walk and sneer, they’ll do their damndest to make another one. ShowbizSpy has also claimed that Harrison Ford was recently carded trying to buy beer (seriously). WikiLeaks is currently investigating.

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I agree with Jeff. ford should continue similarly


I think Harrison Ford still has many good years left. 68 Isn’t old, if it is it means I only have 20 more years till Im set out to dry. Indiana Jones is awesome and I think his character may continue similar when sean connery was as Shia LaBeouf steps into the main role.
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg both have great eyes when choosing long term talent andWeird Combinations of roles that last. Let;s not forget that Indiana Jones is set in the 1940’s so taking out skin heads in modern day would be more like Indi’s grandson


It wouldn’t surprise me if Ford wanted to kill him off. He wanted to kill off Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, too. Indy going out in a blaze of glory would be appropriate, rather than have the serious just end without any resolution. As far as passing it on to Shia, DREAM ON! It should end with Ford.


I definitely want to see one more Indiana Jones movie. First, because he needs to end on a film where he is an active hero, rather than a passive participant. Second, because he would look rad with a salt-and-pepper beard just like the image in this post.

Jones should come up against some kind of Secret Society in the fifth film. One that includes several former Nazis in hiding in the U.S. and in Europe, and take them down.

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