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Hilary Swank Horror Flick ‘The Resident’ Pretty Much Going Straight To DVD

Hilary Swank Horror Flick 'The Resident' Pretty Much Going Straight To DVD

It’s been a hard fall for two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank. Ever since she took her second statue for Clint Eastwood‘s “Million Dollar Baby” way back in 2004, she’s had a string of bad films, bad luck or both. Brian DePalma‘s “The Black Dahlia” had all the pieces of a great movie but was done in by the director pushing every facet of the production into hysterics. “Freedom Writers” was an ill-advised attempt to go into “Dangerous Minds” territory and while she scored a hit with the manipulative romantic dramedy “P.S. I Love You,” the indie flick “Birds Of America” and horror fare “The Reaping” were non-starters. Even her big wide swings at Oscar attention — last year’s flightless “Amelia” and this year’s less than captivating “Conviction” — have been huge misses.

Thus, it’s perhaps no surprise that her latest effort, the Hammer Films horror flick “The Resident” is pretty much going straight-to-DVD. Distributors Image Entertainment have slotted the film with a March 29, 2011 DVD and BluRay release date, and though last month a spring theatrical release was promised, whatever outing it does get to theaters will be purely contractual at this point.

The film was directed by Finnish television director Antti Jokinen making his English language feature debut. In case you’re still interested, the story follows a doctor (Swank) who moves into a Brooklyn loft only to find out her landlord is dangerously obsessed with her. Scary! The movie co-stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Christopher Lee and Lee Pace.

As for Swank, her run of bad choices continues as she’s set to star in Garry Marshall‘s probably dreadful holiday-based romcom “New Year’s Eve,” his follow up to “Valentine’s Day.” [STYD]

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Jamey Moore

Sorry to hear Hammer’s latest release is only going to DVD.

I spoke to one of the old Hammer writer/director’s who worked for them when Jimmy Carrerras was running the studio about the impending sale and rejevination.

He told me all that is left is the name and everyone who made Hammer so successful is gone, the writers, the directors and talented technicians all is left is the name.

Sounds like the currrent owners have no interest in trying to follow in the old Hammer’s footsteps.

Gadsden, Al

Brooke M

Meh, I wouldn’t say that Coniction is a huge miss, she got pretty good reviews. Not oscar worthy but a solid performance.


She should stop trying to be a star the romcom and horror genres just won’t work for her, she just has an aura of desperation I mean she should branch out instead of trying to be a star or just chasing another Oscar, she has two of them its time for her to show why she won them.

David Fisher

She needs to stretch a bit and find a multi-faceted character to play. The single minded, determined characters are too predictable. She is a great actress so I know she can do it.

jeff t.

“Conviction” was a pretty good try – not a great movie but better than most and definitely with all the intentions.

Jay Davis

Her movies fail because she’s ugly.


She’s not making bad choices. She’s generally picking projects that have good people behind it. There’s just so much that goes into the film-making process, and so many people…it’s a lot harder than people think to pull off a decent movie, let alone an amazing one. She’ll bounce back, cause she’s a good performer who doesn’t burn bridges and who is committed to her craft. A lot of people go their whole careers making crap. A slump is no big deal and is by no means her fault.


The bad career advice she is getting is from her worthless and arrogant agent at CAA


When I think about Hilary Swank, I thought after winning 2 Oscars, she was on top of her game. Nowadays, she’s doing all these crappy films that somehow don’t think it will interest movie-goers, unless you are going to rent it out on DVD or Blu Ray.
I thin it’s about time she should look at decent scripts and turn her career around. Mostly a lot of Oscar winners always fall from glory.


Man, she must be getting some really bad career advice from someone. You’d think a two-time Oscar winner would have her pick of projects. Hope she can get her career turned around with some good films.

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