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jack meoff

@David: you need therapy. you are obviously one of those wierdo extras with entitlement issues who is pissed off that Christopher Nolan didn’t immediately discover and recognize your brilliance and “talent” when your hands met for a 2 second handshake while he was busy at work on set. you are a dumb fucking retard. Mr. Nolan’s work obviously stands on it’s own and doesn’t need defending.

Davids Second Brother

My brothers are both fucking idiots. The are both in an insane asylum. After meeting Christopher Nolan they developed an obsession with him and they began to fantasize about being Christopher Nolan and making the movies he makes. I apologize for there stupid comments. There computer time has been revoked. Thank you.

Davids Brother

i can vouch for david, we were both extras and i shook CN hand too… i actually wrote the whole script for batman begins and dark knight but CN absolutely destroyed what i had down on paper…


Dudes? It’s just a movie. Who cares? Seriously, why am I even writing this? Haha


I was an extra on Spider-Man 2 and got to meet Sam Raimi, even got a picture with him, so that part isn’t unfound.

The rest of this David character’s post? Absolute bollocks.


Now now, leave @david alone, just because he can talk the biggest load of boll**ks ever and knows as much as a retarded flea when it comes to talking about this subject, doesn’t mean you all need to hate on him.

He gets that enough when he tries to write semi-intelligent film reviews for his freshman high school chums who know more about punching and football than someone with average intelligence.

Now, as a fan of Inception (and of film in general) I find this picture in this article very interesting as it shows us that one of cinema’s greatest actually writes on bits of paper that have some other purpose (it’s obvious it’s been drawn on something). It’s a slight insight into Nolan’s mind and technique. Which I find very interesting.

@david, enjoy the Superbowl.


LOL. Yeah David, Why So Serious ? :P

If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha ha ha!

Some Joker

Hey, David… Why so serious?


I am spaniscn screwrentier film


This movie sucked so hard,I can’t even tell you how upset I was to wait to rent it openng day on dvd.I was an extra on Dark Knight and shook c.Nolans stuck up hand,and was very dissappointed leaving the theater at 3:00am openig night for that.If not for Heath Ledgers untilmley death,and he was great with what was given him too pay,the movie woud have done nothing and the story was B.S.Not 1 thing he did was funny as the joker,not to give hima real story was a disgcrace,oih my dad did this,oh my wife had scars from the mob,c’mon give me a break.Great bank rob scene,but the bill fichter had a grenade in his mouth w/a string,hius hands were not tied,and he didn’t pull it out of his mouth???need I go on.Sorry Chris Nolan is lucky and overrated,Batman begins was very good,Ra’s was not oriental and ducard was always a good guy ,so stick to the truth dammit.Prestige was really good too.I hopehe doesn’t f.. up this next Batman,but if hugo is main character,it’s a( croc )of shizzle,whoo it should be.He likes to use british actors because he is,and tom hardy isn’t worthy of anything,he stands out like my bulge.Robin has been in Batman since his 2nd year,1939 and if you want to deny it and not go with what’s real history and not try to make him a real character,then I’,m real glad this is your last Batman film chrissy.


I just farted.


@david- Obvious Troll is Obvious!!!


How come nobody at the police station are able to get rid of Joker’s make up when doing the mug shot to identify him!

Leroy Brown

I for one think David is an exceptional human being and cannot wait to see what insights about life his suicide note leaves us.


@david:- dude you seriously have no idea as to what you’re talking about…haha, seriously, stop before you embarrass yourself even more….the bomb thing s good enough cause the guy was injured/shot before the bomb was stuck to his hands…and you found batman begins better than dark knight?…that says how big a fucknuckle you are…and him preferring british over american is what?…racist now??…idiot!!…michael caine, johnny depp, sean connery are all what, from your neighborhood?…stop lad, please. inception is an epic…and i’m pretty sure all the dirty laundry is either because you sucked so much that you didn’t get a call back for any other movie or that you didn’t understand inception..pick your favorite. cheers.


wow david, guess u didn’t get call for Batman 3 huh? xD


fuck you david


David had a nice little hissy fit.


@David – Dark Knight sucks? Well I guess 95% of the people that saw it are wrong and you’re right. You were an extra on the film and shook Nolan’s hand? Yeah right, try again. As for the rest of your post, it proves you have no idea what you’re talking about. Oh, and you’re an idiot.

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