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Jeff Bridges Duets with Cookie Monster on SNL, Raises Star Profile

Jeff Bridges Duets with Cookie Monster on SNL, Raises Star Profile

Thompson on Hollywood

Jeff Bridges hosted Saturday Night Live (video below), yet another example that his public profile, post-Crazy Heart Oscar and with new releases TRON: Legacy and True Grit, is higher than it’s ever been. (He’s also been ardently pursuing a music career.) Remember, Bridges is infamous, Star Man and The Big Lebowski excepted, for being a beloved character actor who has never been a movie star. He never put butts in seats. But maybe that has changed. The box office performance of the Coens’ True Grit (trailer below) will be a test of that–as will nabbing another Oscar nomination.

Here’s Bridges’ interview in Cowboys and Indians magazine.

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I admire and respect Jeff Bridges, but live acting & performing is not his strong suite. He looked completely awkward and uncomfortable hosting SNL. I was cringing and I felt completely sorry for him. Anne Hathaway is still the best SNL host this tv season. This lady has great comedic timing , and she is a wonderful mimic. Because Hathaway proved her genius hosting SNL, she received the co- hosting gig with James Franco.

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