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Pundits Predict Golden Globes Winners: The King’s Speech and The Kids Are All Right

Pundits Predict Golden Globes Winners: The King's Speech and The Kids Are All Right

Thompson on Hollywood

Both Gold Derby and the Gurus ‘O Gold are predicting that The King’s Speech and The Kids Are All Right will win their respective categories at the Golden Globes January 16. For what it’s worth.

Thing is, while the media took pot shots at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Tuesday for such silly multiple nominations as The Tourist (hardly a comedy) and Burlesque (hardly a well-reviewed musical), folks inside the Hollywood beltway don’t take the organization seriously anyway. Never did. What the HPFA does do, rather well, is to put on a really fun TV show with fab alcohol-fueled Beverly Hilton after-parties (much to the chagrin of the hidebound Academy). Now, the Golden Globes could try to gain some cred by either eliminating the Comedy/Musical category–the problem this year was that there were so few decent movies to choose from–or better yet, allow animated films to be eligible in that category, which would be a huge step in the right direction. Also allowing foreign films to be eligible for best picture would add some gravitas to their selections. (Here’s Hollywood Elsewhere’s Globes take.)

On the other hand, making these changes would take away half the fun. We know these awards don’t matter. So why even go to the trouble of predicting winners? Well, it gives us Oscar-watchers something to do. And some of the movies that actually are being taken seriously by the Academy still get to strut their stuff on January 16–right after the Academy ballots have been handed in. So the Globes show itself won’t have any impact on the Oscar nominations process. But the show will add PR value–especially for winners–for those who do become Oscar nominees on January 25.

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I don’t think I’ll find much support in this opinion, but I think Adam McKay is the most consistent comedic director working today. Films like Anchorman and Step Brothers can be rewatched an absurd number of times, holding on to and gaining laughs from viewing to viewing. Even some mainstream critics hail McKay, such as NPR/New York Magazine’s David Edelstein, who placed Step Brothers on his Top Ten List of 2008 calling the film “gorgeously controlled pandemonium.”

It’s easy to dismiss McKay and his latest effort, The Other Guys, but with Judd Apatow stretching his Terms of Endearment muscles, I think McKay has become the go-to filmmaker for Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy. I think what he does looks much easier to do than it is, and it would be nice if the Golden Globes or (gasp) even the Oscars were to acknowledge McKay.


The last few years of Golden Globe nominations have been an embarrassment. When you see the list of junk nominated this year and some of the winners last year, they have stopped becoming a predictor of Oscar at all.

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