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“Social Network” Sweeps National Board of Review Awards

"Social Network" Sweeps National Board of Review Awards

David Fincher’s “The Social Network” has swept this year’s National Board of Review awards, taking prizes for best picture, best director, best adapted screenplay (Aaron Sorkin) and best actor (Jesse Eisenberg).

NBR – a non-profit organization made up of 110 film enthusiasts, academics, professionals, and students – also lent their support toward “Another Year”‘s Lesley Manville for best actress, “The Fighter”‘s Christian Bale for best supporting actor, and “Animal Kingdom”‘s Jacki Weaver for best supporting actress. “Toy Story 3” expectedly won best animated film, “Of Gods and Men” took best foreign language film, and “Waiting For ‘Superman'” won best documentary. In perhaps the biggest surprise of the announcement, Chris Sparling won best original screenplay for “Buried,” topping “The King’s Speech,” “Inception,” “Another Year” and “The Kids Are All Right,” among others.

The other big surprises came with what wasn’t included. Namely, Fox Searchlight’s entire slate, save for a “NBR Freedom of Expression” award for “Conviction.” Searchlight’s favored “127 Hours” and “Black Swan” in particular were not recognized anywhere, including in the NBR’s top eleven films of the year, or in the “Top Ten Independent Films” list. Meanwhile, Focus’ “The Kids Are All Right,” Lionsgate’s “Rabbit Hole,” and The Weinstein’s “Blue Valentine” were also absent from both those lists, and in any other category. Combined, the absence of these four films are likely to cause outrage in the Oscar blogosphere.

On a more celebratory note, indieWIRE network blogger Leonard Maltin was honored with the William K. Everson Film History Award.

Last year,”Up In The Air” topped the awards, while Carey Mulligan, George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Anna Kendrick, and Woody Harrelson all won acting honors. None ended up winning an Oscar, but all of them were nominated. In the two years before that, the winner of the NBR’s best picture award has gone on to win the top Academy Award. .

Full list of the awards given by the National Board of Review:

Best Film: The Social Network

Best Director: David Fincher, The Social Network

Best Actor: Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network

Best Actress: Lesley Manville, Another Year

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter

Best Supporting Actress: Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom

Best Foreign Film: Of Gods and Men

Best Documentary: Waiting For “Superman”

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3

Best Ensemble Cast: The Town

Breakthrough Performance: Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

Spotlight Award for Best Directorial Debut: Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington, Restrepo

Best Original Screenplay: Chris Sparling, Buried

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

Special Filmmaking Achievement Award: Sofia Coppola, for for writing, directing, and producing Somewhere

William K. Everson Film History Award: Leonard Maltin

NBR Freedom of Expression: Fair Game, Conviction, Howl

Top Eleven Films (In alphabetical order):
Another Year
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
Shutter Island
The Social Network
The Town
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter’s Bone

Top Ten Independent Films (In alphabetical order):
Animal Kingdom
Fish Tank
The Ghost Writer
Let Me In
Please Give
Youth in Revolt

Top Six Foreign Films (In alphabetical order):
I Am Love
Life, Above All
Of Gods And Men
Soul Kitchen
White Material

Top Six Documentary Films (In alphabetical order):
A Film Unfinished
Inside Job
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
The Tillman Story
Waiting For “Superman”

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No Black Swan, 127 Hours, The Kids Are All Right, or Blue Valentine. What a joke! Does anyone on this board actually prefer Hereafter to any of those films?


The Tempest is a hot mess of a film, unfortunately. It will be lucky to win anything.


And what about “The Social Leak” (the parody)


I’m glad Indiewire is “exposing” the NBR’s idiocy in naming a top “eleven”– now for the third year I believe. But the list/choices themselves seem reasonable [THE SOCIAL NETWORK is, after all, one of the most well-received films of the year]. Enough though with the EVERY SINGLE year Clint Eastwood movie appearing on their best-of. The only surprise for me… since word-of-mouth on BLACK SWAN of those who have seen it is so strong… I was pretty surprised it wasn’t there (at all).


Go Lesley Manville and Jacki Weaver! That is awesome. Otherwise, these awards are kinda lame.


Where is 127 Hours and Black Swan? Huge omission.


they officialy hate foxsearchlight..


Shocked that Colin Firth didn’t get Best Actor. Disappointed that Waiting for “Superman” won. It’s full of lies and teacher-bashing and union-bashing.


The Town clearly has a better ensemble than The Social Network or The King’s Speech.
What bullshit.


Black Swan and 127 Hours completely snubbed.
I’m not surprised, why?

The NBR sucks.


YES! on Jacki Weaver! One of the absolute finest performances I’ve seen this year. Hopefully, it will lead to a deserved Oscar nomination and that will lead to a deserved win.


Jackie Weaver and Leslie Manville! What bold choices. Wow!


Jesse Eisenberg. What a lame choice.


Jesse Eisenberg for TSN? Really?


Jesse Eisenberg? I didn’t see that one coming.


Go Bale! Get the Oscar!

Franco Phile

From Deadline:

The Social Network won Best Film, Best Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin, and Best Actor for Jesse Eisenberg. Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for Paramount/Relativity’s The Fighter.


UPDATE: The National Board Of Review kicks off the critics’ awards with their announcement today. According to Sony Pictures and other sources, The Social Network won Best Film, Best Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin, and Best Actor for Jesse Eisenberg. Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for Paramount/Relativity’s The Fighter.


Toy Story 3 winning Best Picture at the Oscars? Isn’t that a little wishful thinking.


I still think Toy Story 3 has a chance to win Best Picture at the Oscars. It’d be the first animated film to win the award and the Academy loves historical moments! Think Lord of the Rings . . .


Go Portman!!!



I was referring to The Social Network. But Toy Story 3 can join that list too.


The Social Network is a great film.



You mean Toy Story 3 did win after all?


The most over-rated film of the year won the top award.


Well… I like The social network, but it’s a forgetable movie.


TSN is such an obvious choice for the NBR. It was my prediction weeks ago.

Keil Shults

Um, I can. The Social Network is easily superior to TS3, which I also love, but found doesn’t hold up as well upon repeat viewings.


It’s time. I want know the winners.


Can’t believe The Social Network beat Toy Story 3!

Deadline Hollywood

According to a Sony Source, The Social Network has won the Best Picture award.


Very excited to kick off the awards season!!


oh my god! When it will be announced? I’m nervous…

hopeless pedant

Nikki Finke says indeed it is The Social Network (which is of course the strong favorite to win NY/LA/NS in upcoming weeks).


So what’s your point Rob? The Oscars named Sandra Bullock Best Actress last year for The Blind Side.

Many groups make bad choices. Not sure why I am supposed to condemn NBR anymore than the others


Just because I’m curious doesn’t mean I place any stock in them. The body as a whole as a joke, they’re just mildly interesting to see which ways the buzz winds are blowing. Remember last year when they awarded Eastwood Best Director, Morgan Freeman Best Actor (in a tie), and “It’s Complicated” Best Ensemble? Yeah.


Toy Story 3 is the most deserving film of 2010! It’ll never win Best Picture but it should . . .


Best pic award went to”Social” – why izznt this here?


To the commenters complaining about the uselessness of these awards: You do realize that you are on a webpage titled “National Board of Review Announcing 2010 Awards”, right?

Something tells me more than chance brought you here.


this wait is KILLING ME.

also, why would you bother to comment on this post if you don’t care about the NBR’s choices? Find a better way to waste your damn time.

2011 Best Picture: Toy Story 3

Help us cheer on Toy Story 3 for Best Picture!


Someone on twitter said 127 Hours won Best Picture. I hope it true because I loved the film but I hardly believe it.


Who the hell cares? A bunch of idiots wearing trusses…


Does anyone have the live feed link?


Hello! It’s the official kickoff to the awards season. That’s why I am excited at least.

Tom Brueggemann

The Tenpest is not being released this year.

This group is indeed a jokel it doesn’t matter how good their choices are, they have a dubious recent history and basically award widely so they can sell as many tables as possible.


I wannna watch the live feed! Can you share the link? :)

Keil Shults

I’m watching a live feed as we speak. Trash Humpers leads the pack with 3 wins, including Best Picture.


This may be a good litmus test to see if The Tempest will or will not be a contender in any fashion this season.

Personally, I’m predicting a possible Top Eleven entry, perhaps Mirren for the win, and the potential to snag a tech award. It won’t get all of these things, mind you, but one of the categories isn’t out of the question.


They made great choices last year I completely disagree with you.


Waiting anxiously? Seriously? It’s the fucking NBR. It should be a morbid curiosity, at best.

Edward Marcel

Let’s Go Toy Story 3!


Seriously! I’m waiting anxiously!


Also curious about when this is to start. Forwarded here from Awards Daily. Thanks, Sasha!


When are they supposed to start announcing?

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