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Trailer Watch: Columbia Pulls Restless from Sundance

Trailer Watch: Columbia Pulls Restless from Sundance

Columbia pulled Restless, directed by Gus Van Sant and written by Jason Lew, from the Sundance Premiere line-up at the last moment. Why? The film was finished long ago, although the fest says the director wants to keep working on it. He seems to be harboring hopes for Cannes, which has debuted his films in the past. But Sundance would seem to be the perfect launch pad for a teen drama that has all the earmarks of a Sony Pictures Classics release (at one time it was slotted to go there for March release, but Columbia took it back). SPC could yet retrieve the title, which “looks and plays totally like an independent,” according to one source.

Restless hardly looks like a mainstream picture. It was literally the first film accepted by Sundance last August, and Columbia was planning a release right after an early fest debut, but has now pushed it back to summer. (Last year early on the fest accepted Crazy Heart, which was then withdrawn as Fox Searchlight wanted to do more work on it and open it later for awards consideration.)

Check out the trailer which features two young outsiders in love, played by Alice in Wonderland and Jane Eyre star Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper (Kiss & Tell).

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Anne didn’t say that the film is a Sony Classics release. She just says that the film looks like a Sony Classics release rather than a mainstream film.

Sundance accepted “Restless” when they knew that the film was a Columbia release; it is strange!

That said, it would not be a bad idea if Columbia let Sony Pictures Classics to handle the US theatrical release of “Restless”.


the answer lies in the trailer


First they decide to open it in the January wasteland. Then they pull it and don’t have a new release date. And now they’re not showing it at Sundance.

Sheesh. Columbia had better get their heads out of their asses before their incompetence winds up ruining this film altogether.

A friendly reminder

It’s not a Sony Classics release, which may be why it isn’t at Sundance – it’s Columbia, who probably has less idea what to do with it.

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