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Watch: Kevin Bacon’s Biggest Fan Is Kevin Bacon In Funny, Clever Logitech Ad

Watch: Kevin Bacon's Biggest Fan Is Kevin Bacon In Funny, Clever Logitech Ad

Most celebrity ads are pretty baffling or ludicrously self important (please see every perfume ad ever), so it’s refreshing to see a spot that a) isn’t hidden by airing only in some random European or Asian country, b) is genuinely pretty funny and c) finds the star taking the piss on his own persona.

In the latest spot for Logitech Revue, Kevin Bacon stars as the ultimate Kevin Bacon fan who uses the product in question to search for, what else, Kevin Bacon videos and movies. It’s a pretty clever little spot that definitely made us smile, and it certainly earns massive points for quoting the awesome “Tremors.” And this isn’t the first time Bacon has played with this own image of late. He also appeared as a self-involved version of himself on the HBO comedy “Bored To Death” earlier this fall.

Check out advert after the jump. [THR]

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Even better is the short entitled, The Kevin Bacon Movie Club


he looks more like a pedophile in this then in that movie where he played a pedophile

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