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Watch: Michael Bay’s Holiday Ad For Victoria’s Secret

Watch: Michael Bay's Holiday Ad For Victoria's Secret

No Explosions Except The Ones By Teenage Boys’ Boners

Loud faceless rock music. Lingerie models. It can only mean one thing: yet another Victoria’s Secret ad by the new fan of 3D Michael Bay.

The latest minute and a half spot was probably directed in his sleep, or on a coffee break from editing “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” because this thing is about as lazy as it gets. Titled cameras! Roses! Angel wings! A woman on a white horse! With all the quick edits you can probably get the same effect if you pick up the last issue of the Victoria’s Secret catalog that was sent to your “girlfriend” and scan through the pages like a flipbook. So much skin, yet so boring. Check it out below. [Vulture]

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Michael Bay directed a Victoria Secret commercial. He’s such an auteur! Honestly, I think it’s just recycled footage from Megan Fox’s audition tape from Transformers…

Fritz Lang

Definitely the best thing Bay has ever directed.

come on

The ad was visually electric with enough energy and vigor to make a comatose man rise.

Models ain’t so bad either.

Bay makes women look good.

Edward Davis

Ed, let me guess: it moved a little when you read that and you’re not cool with. It’s cool, guy. Not everyone is.


“I make movies for teenage boys. Oh, dear, what a crime.” – Michael Bay

Ed Rice

Maybe I’m just old but “Explosions from Teenage Boy’s Boners” makes me uncomfortable.

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