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Watch: Ryan Gosling Confronts Michelle Williams In Clip From ‘Blue Valentine’

Watch: Ryan Gosling Confronts Michelle Williams In Clip From 'Blue Valentine'

So far, the clips from “Blue Valentine” have largely focused on the happier times between the central couple Dean and Cindy played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, but in the latest look to hit the web, things are not going so well.

The clip shows Dean showing up unannounced at Cindy’s work after one of the film’s more devastating sequences. The scene is a good indication of how beautifully shot and emotionally raw the present day scenes are in the Derek Cianfrance-directed film. It’s some powerful stuff and for anyone expecting a two-hour Gosling/Williams love in, they are definitely in for a big surprise.

You can check out the scene after the jump, “Blue Valentine” hits cinemas in a limited release on December 31st. And if you’re outraged by the NC-17 rating, you can sign a petition to help get the MPAA decision reversed. [AwardsDaily]

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Where is the petition defending the MPAA’s rating. I’ll sign that because I like the MPAA. I like them because they have the mentality that not all films should be available to kids. As soon as the Government makes it legal for little kids to buy Pornography I’ll see why the NC-17 rating for Blue Valentine is unjust. Please don’t separate Porn from a movie depicting an oral sex scene. There are plenty of Soft Core porns that feature just as little detail as Blue Valentine. You still see some Dude stick his face between some girls legs and go to town. Either way…it is viewed by some as being pornographic.
As for why the MPAA doesn’t come down so hard on Violence in movies, well, if I see a movie with lots of profanity there are no laws against me cussing as much as I want. I also don’t think many states have sex laws any more that would prevent me from having Oral sex after I watch Blue Valentine. There are however, very strict laws limiting my use of machines guns and explosives in this country. I cannot copy the violence I see in movies without going to jail and perhaps being put to death. So that is why the violence gets a free pass by the MPAA. If I watch SAW and then torture and kill my neighbor that’s on me, Not the MPAA.

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