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Watch: Trailer For Teenage Assassin Flick ‘Hanna’ Starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana & Cate Blanchett

Watch: Trailer For Teenage Assassin Flick 'Hanna' Starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana & Cate Blanchett

The trailer for Joe Wright‘s teenage assassin picture “Hanna” just dropped. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, the film centers on a 14-year-old (Ronan) who was raised by her father (Bana) to be a coldhearted killing machine and then connects with a French family who look to help ease her into a more conventional life. Blanchett plays the CIA spy agent trying to track her down.

We’ve been psyched to see the picture all year; loving the idea of someone like Wright taking a left turn from his usual period piece dramas (“Pride & Prejudice,” “Atonement“) into new territory. However, when we saw footage earlier this year at New York Comic Con, those of us in attendance weren’t totally convinced. The quality was apparently off (it was early footage, that could have been it) and the tone seemed odd.

Now that the trailer has arrived we have… mixed thoughts. While it certainly looks better than what was described at Comic Con, it still doesn’t feel like the ‘Bourne’-esque movie that we were first imagining. Perhaps, because that’s not what it is. Joe Wright did describe it as a “fairy tale” after all.

We do know the Chemical Brothers are writing the score, so it should be a propulsive ride, but well, at this point, we think we need to see it for ourselves before we pass full on judgment. Though we gotta say Tom Hollander looks like a pretty annoying villain in this (what’s with that bad blonde dye job?). The picture also stars Olivia Williams as the mother of the French family that takes her in. “Hanna” is due in theaters April 8, 2011.

Here’s an IFC interview with the cast during NYCC.

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blond hair Tom Hollander, that’s hilarious


This actually looks interesting. Plus Cate B. looks a better villain in this than she ever was in Piece of Crap That Shall Not Be Named. However, all this ever does is remind me of Soderbergh’s Knockout. What happened there? When will we see anything from that movie? Wasn’t this put into production much after that?


I freakin loved the trailer. Sorta like….Jason Bourne meets Where The Wild Things are or something. Exciting to see Joe Wright get all stylish on us.


Well it looks like this little tiny movie which released last yr. i think it was called KICK ASS! with Nicolas “im broke but i can do some thing interesting once in awhile” CAGE and this pre teen CHLOE “Im the next big phenomenal thing which is goona hit hollywood by storm” MORETZ….

and you guys shat all over. its the same plot. dad raises girl to be a killing machine girl kills the bad guys. everyone else goes home happy.


Looks pretty cool, totally unbelievable, but pretty cool.


lovin’ it. The music does sound really good and Ronan hasn’t given a bad performance yet (yes, I’m not forgetting I Could Never Be Your Woman).


It appears that all you need to be in this movie is either a bad wig or a bad accent…..if you have both, you get your name above the title.


If it turns out to be a bad movie, can you name the title of your review “Kiddie Bourne”?

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