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Will Anne Hathaway Play ‘Barbarella’ And Work With David O. Russell? Maybe…

Will Anne Hathaway Play 'Barbarella' And Work With David O. Russell? Maybe...

David O. Russell Confirms Hathaway’s Early Talks In ‘Silver Linings,’ But Nothing Is Set In Stone Yet

Anne Hathaway has had a pretty good year, all in all. Considering that her last two films before then were the virtually unseen thriller “Passengers” and the rightfully reviled “Bride Wars,” memories of her Oscar-nominated turn in “Rachel Getting Married” and her lead in the comedy megahit “The Devil Wears Prada” were beginning to fade. But she’s started off the year by being more or less the best thing in the otherwise awful (but, importantly, commercially successful) “Valentine’s Day,” appeared in the billion-dollar “Alice in Wonderland,” and topped it off with an excellent performance in the better-than-you’d-imagine “Love and Other Drugs.”

And though there’s likely not any nominations in the cards during this awards season, as a consolation prize, she’ll be co-hosting the ceremony with James Franco. And looking to 2011, she’s got the promising romantic comedy “One Day” due next fall from “An Education” director Lone Scherfig. She’s even linked to some high profile superhero roles — whispers connecting the actress to Lois Lane in “Superman” and to the unnamed female lead in “The Dark Knight Rises” have been doing the rounds.

As yet, Hathaway doesn’t yet have an official next project but word broke in the last few days that the star was circling a couple of gestating films. First, a report a few days ago suggested that Hathaway had signed on to a new project from David O. Russell, the comedy-drama “The Silver Linings Playbook,” alongside Bradley Cooper. Then, in somewhat bigger news, Pajiba’s secret source the Hollywood Cog reported via Twitter that Hathaway was the latest actress attached to play the title role in the long-gestating remake of cult sci-fi flick “Barbarella

Drew Barrymore once planned to take on the role, originated by Jane Vonda in the campy 1968 Roger Vadim-helmed original, an adaptation of the cult French comic books about a sexually-liberated space traveler, while Robert Rodriguez came very close to helming a version starring his then-partner Rose McGowan a few years back. Most recently “Legally Blonde” director Robert Luketic was attached, although Pajiba suggest this is no longer the case.

We spoke to one of Hathaway’s reps to double-check on both of the reports, and were told that Hathaway isn’t formally attached to either. We also just had the opportunity to speak to David O. Russell recently (more on that later) and asked him directly about Hathaway and Bradley Cooper‘s reported interest and all he would allow was, “There are a couple of names that have been discussed, and those are some of the names that have been talked about. But those people have definitely read the script and there’s a whole conversation going on.” So that basically confirms both actors are in early discussions, but nothing is sealed in stone yet.

Every time we see Hathaway, we feel like the surface of her talents has only barely been scratched, even if her choice of projects doesn’t always live up to her skills, and we’re certainly excited about her potential team-up with Russell. We’re less keen on the idea of “Barbarella,” as we’re not sure there’s much to the character and original film than a somewhat faded kitsch appeal. If she signs on, we hope she’ll find the right creative partner on the project, or it could well turn out to be her “Aeon Flux.” We’re sure more news will follow on both projects. In related Hollywood Cog news, the often reliable source also tweeted last night that Ryan Reynolds had become attached to a project based on Jerry-Speziale‘s undercover cop memoir “Without a Badge,” but an agent for the actor said that claim was false. It’s possible he’s in some early discussions, but what’s more realistic is he’s simply a name on a wishlist and as we know, those don’t often pan out.

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A little secret: I work for her agency and just read a script that everyone is talking about over her for annie. It’s a very big broad female action adventure comedy and it’s huge – set in the 1960s. Amazing script by young writers, but there’s no director attached. I think she needs to take a smart risk and go for taking on as big a film as possible. The world is ready for the next female action hero.


A couple of weeks ago, Anne Hathaway proved her genius hosting SNL- great comedic timing, stellar accents, and wonderful impressions. She easily mimicked a wickedly hilarious Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, a southern trailer park lady , and an outstanding Dorothy of “Wizard of Oz (and she showed off her glorious singing voice) . ” After her brilliant turn on SNL, I knew it was going to boost her profile even higher- that is why she received the Oscar co-hosting offer. I want Anne to find a film, in which she can portray different characters. Hollywood needs to put her in a movie musical with her equal Justin Timberlake- ASAP.

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