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Will Ferrell & Zack Galifianakis Political Comedy Finds A Home At WB

Will Ferrell & Zack Galifianakis Political Comedy Finds A Home At WB

Two days ago, a pitch went out to studios with Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis attached that would depict them as Presidential candidates timed to coincide with the 2012 elections. And now, the auction has ended: Deadline reports that Warner Bros. will back a Jay Roach-directed comedy that pits these two comedians against each other in the political arena.

Ferrell buddies Chris Henchy (“Land of the Lost“) and Shawn Harwell (“Eastbound And Down“) are penning the screenplay, but no details have been shared. What was the pitch? All we know is that Ferrell and Galifianakis will be rival candidates. Is Ferrell a Tea Party lunatic and Galifianakis a pot-smoking libertarian? Is this a post-9/11 America? Is President Obama the incumbent in this movie? Little has been revealed, but we’re curious to see what the film’s politics might be. We’re guessing there will be some left-leaning, but this is a major studio comedy, so it’s not like bridges will be burned.

Roach has experience in this realm, taking a level-headed approach to the kooky political arena with “Recount,” but in his last theatrical effort, “Dinner For Schmucks,” his directorial style veered from disinterested to altogether embarrassed. The fact that he bailed on the lucrative “Meet The Parents” series, combined with the aforementioned HBO offering, suggests he wants to move into more interesting creative areas. Then again, none of the parties involved are anything close to sure bets, and, like always, we’re pessimistic about any Ferrell project where he isn’t chained to Adam McKay‘s side.

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Kevin Jagernauth

Believe me, when an official version of the Tree Of Life trailer is made available, you’ll hear from us.


I hope this film is as realistic as possible just in the sense that Obama is president running for re-election in this movie, that the Republicans have Romney or someone well-known running on their ticket and then you have these two dudes who are “third party” challengers.

Concerned Citizen

Only three posts today? I’m assuming this is due to being a Sunday. I’ve been checking on here all day hoping to see some new status on the Tree of Life trailer! Let’s cross our fingers for tomorrow. I’m getting tired of viewing this bootleg version:

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