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Action Hero Does Action In New ‘Captain America’ Photo

Action Hero Does Action In New 'Captain America' Photo

Mobility! Within an LA Times slide show of 2011’s big movies is a new photo from “Captain America: The First Avenger” showcasing the red, white and blue freedom fighter eschewing trendy posturing for a more proactive pose. One of the criticisms of superhero costumes relates to the comfort level and how they accommodate human physiques, but this cannily-chosen snap does a good job illustrating that Chris Evans will actually get to be an action hero in his action hero pajamas.

Or not, since this is clearly a publicity photo, and looks photoshopped enough to show a peculiar discoloration between Evans and the background setting. Is this scene even in the movie? Is that even Chris Evans underneath the padding? Well, whatever, it’s a publicity photo, not much to say. Unless you’re Bill O’Reilly and want to rant about how there’s something un-American about changing his boots and gloves from red to vaguely brown or rust color. “Captain America: The First Avenger” tears down American morals next July (July 22, to be exact). Full size photo below the jump.

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His gloves and boots have no doubt been stained by the blood and brain matter of all the Nazi’s he’s executed. I’m pretty sure he never washes it off. That’s canon right?


The color of the boots, gloves, and belt pouches is cordovan, which was, and is, a common color for leather in U.S. military uniforms.

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