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Actress Watch: Dark Knight Rises Tests; Coppola and Portman’s Dior Ad; Williams Gives Sage Advice

Actress Watch: Dark Knight Rises Tests; Coppola and Portman's Dior Ad; Williams Gives Sage Advice

Thompson on Hollywood

Christopher Nolan is checking out the ranks of Hollywood’s starlets to join Christian Bale and Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises. Keira Knightley (Pride & Prejudice, Atonement), Anne Hathaway (Love and Other Drugs), Jessica Biel (The Illusionist, The A-Team), Kate Mara (127 Hours, Iron Man 2), Charlotte Riley (fiance of Hardy and his co-star in the UK’s Wuthering Heights TV mini-series) and Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia, and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) are all scheduled to test. Scheduling seems to be an issue for Naomi Watts and Eva Green, who were previously mentioned. Two roles need to be filled: a love interest and a villain. Who would you like to see in The Dark Knight Rises? Vote in our poll below.

Thompson on Hollywood

Thompson on Hollywood

Black Swan‘s Natalie Portman joins Charlize Theron, Monica Belluci, Sharon Stone and Marion Cotillard as Dior poster girls. She is the face of the Miss Dior Cherie perfume. Sofia Coppola directed Portman in a series of upcoming Dior ads. The fashion and beauty house has made vegan shoes just for Portman. Dior has long favored beauty with grit. Theron signed on with Dior for their J’Adore perfume in 2004 (the same year she won the Oscar for 2003 film Monster) while Belluci’s controversial role in Irreversible (2002) hasn’t stopped her from being a regular in Dior ads for years. Cotillard has appeared in Dior handbag ads since 2009, after winning the Oscar for La Vie En Rose in 2008, and Stone has been attached to the beauty label since 2005.

Thompson on Hollywood

Here is sage love and life advice from Blue Valentine‘s Michelle Williams from her interview with Marie Claire (February edition, out January 18):

– “Very obviously, for me and for her, there’s a hole in our life. Of course the natural inclination is to want to fill it and make it disappear, but what I’ve come to recently is that it’s impossible. Nothing will fit in that hole because what we want back we can’t get, which is this one person. I’m not going to rush anything and scamper around like a mad person and make myself crazy. I’m trying to be respectful of the absence. I’m not trying to fill it up. It is what it is.”

– “I don’t know what my version of a relationship or marriage is yet, because the typical model seems a little broken to me…At the same time, I was raised on all those princess fairy tales and I’m a romantic; I want to be a one-man girl. I took Matilda to Disney World recently and we saw all the princesses, and then she turned around and said, ‘OK, now I’d like to see where all the princes are.’ The Disney person said, ‘Nobody has ever asked me that before. There aren’t any princes here, honey.'”

– “The idea that you can get everything you want in one person is destructive, and maybe when you accept that the number is closer to 50 or 60 or 70 percent, that’s when you can start to make some progress in choosing the right person. I don’t want to make a mistake that big, and that saddens me, because it’s harder to let yourself go. I can inflict any kind of injury on myself, but with my daughter, that’s not an option.”

– “I think of Blue Valentine as a cautionary tale—what happens when you stop paying attention to the reasons you loved each other in the first place, when you let the devil that’s in the details eat away at the love.”

– “With the last three movies I’ve made, I’ve had the feeling of working at the edge of my abilities…That’s an exhilarating and terrifying place to live, and I don’t go there easily. It has its rewards, but it’s not a dinner party. I’m constantly pushed up against the wall of what I’m capable of doing, and that can be an excruciating place to confront yourself. But I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that work gives you a good feeling about yourself. My work has seen me through a lot of situations, and if not for work, I would have stayed stuck in the experience. I’ve had something outside of myself to attend to, and it’s carried me through. It’s been invaluable, and I want to pass on that lesson to my daughter.”

Thompson on Hollywood

Who do you want to see in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?
Keira Knightley
Anne Hathaway
Jessica Biel
Kate Mara
Charlotte Riley
Gemma Arterton
Someone else! free polls

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FAAAAAAAAAAAAkkkkeeeeeeeeeee please stop printing these. Heres an Idea Ask the people who matter. Anybody asked Morgan Freeman anything? Or Emma Thomas? or Charles Roven. Maybe if u interview the “supposed cast list” maybe u might find NONE of them know anything. Before you waste your time–please think about what a rumor is and where u need to focus your time.


None of the above for the next Bond film, please. It wants a great actress, who’s been toiling in relative obscurity for a little while. NOT a superstar, of appropriate age to be cast opposite Craig, and with an inner fire. Eva Green was superb in Casino. It can’t just be a pretty face. I know this sounds crazy, but a Gillian Anderson-type chameleon character actress, could be an interesting turn.


@Crow T Robot: He nailed at least one female role (Marion Cotillard in Inception). But still, I get your point.

Crow T Robot

Nolan’s problem has always been women. He just doesn’t seem to have any use for them beyond hero motivation & exposition.

If he does go with Knightley, who seems like the right choice, given her elegant English sensibilities & stainless steel beauty, I hope the director brings the character to the center of the story instead of supporting the usual guy vs guy stuff we always serm to see.


I would love to see Hathaway play against type as a villain in The Dark Knight Rises

Christi B

With the possible exception of Kate Mara, I wouldn’t go with any of these choices. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ love interest/nemesis should ideally be 30-ish and able to pull off sophisticated but also be kick ass. Charlize bombed in Aeon Flux and Hancock, Kiera bombed in Domino – these are great drama actresses but can’t sell action/badass. Much more interesting choices to test would be Maggie Q, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger, Christina Ricci.

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