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Africa in Film: African Screens

Africa in Film: African Screens

The best blog on African films might be African Screens . African Screens is an Online Magazine run by two editors – Chinaka Iwunze and Don Omope.

You can keep track directly with African Screens of course, but an example of postings from today’s news includes:

The ‘Filming Against the Odds’ Conference, November 27 – 28: An in depth report
African Screens was recently invited to attend the second annual ‘Filming Against The Odds’ conference, held at the University of Westminster, in London, from 27 to 28 of November 2010. African Screens’ Chinaka Iwunze reports on the engaging conference and the many diverse papers presented. Featuring Tunisian Filmmaker, Ferid Boughedir and Nigerian filmmaker, Obi Emelonye.

Pumzi director Wanuri Kahiu and lead actress Kundzani Moswela

Pumzi is my anger at the way people live:
Following her critically acclaimed film ‘From a Whisper’, Kenya’s multi award wining director, Wanuri Kahiu ♀ is back with a new film, Pumzi. She speaks on her new film and her ‘pan africanness.

Edinburgh is home to U.K.’s largest African film festival.

Founded in 2006 by PhD student Lizelle Bisschoff, the Edinburgh African film festival ‘Africa-in-motion’ celebrated its fifth anniversary last year, marking a milestone given the increased growth in audience attendance. African Screens celebrates the achievement of the Edinburgh African film festival, Africa-in-Motion.

Hiphop & politics in Democracy in Dakar
Democracy in Dakar is the first of Nomadic Wax film series. It brings a different approach to documenting electoral campaigns in Africa. African Screens’ Chinaka speaks to the creative director, Magee McIlvaine on the novelty of the documentary film and and empowering people through the online platform.

‘Jozi Kings rules!’ – Filmmaker – Justice Umeh speaks on his new film

Ugandan director, Caroline Kamya, on her award winning film, Imani

The Figurine unveiled: Kunle Afolyan looks deeper into the film.

Mark of Uru by Chanaka Iwunzi

On Mark of Uru: A look at an inspiring Nigerian animation.

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Chinaka Iwunze

Hello Sydney Levine,

I am Chinaka Iwunze, Online Editor of African Screens.

Thank you for this blog and acknowledging African Screens achievement on the coverage of African Cinema/ Film – much appreciated!

However, I noticed you expressed a certain impression about African Screens that is incorrect.

African Screens is an Online Magazine, and it does not belong to Africa-in-Motion. It is run by two editors – Chinaka Iwunze and Don Omope.

Thank you again for your interest and support. Kindest regards

Thank you very much Chinaka. I’ll change it right now. I’m glad to hear African Screens is independent of Africa-in-Motion! I hope to stay in touch with news you post.
Best regards,

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