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Anne Hathaway Cast As Catwoman In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’; Tom Hardy To Play Bane

Anne Hathaway Cast As Catwoman In 'The Dark Knight Rises'; Tom Hardy To Play Bane

What’s a Sundance? Sorry Robert Redford, but our attention has been refocused today as Warner Bros. has announced that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in “The Dark Knight Rises,” while also revealing that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane in Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated film.

Just last week it was revealed that screen tests were underway with a bevy of actresses including Keira Knightley, Jessica Biel, Kate Mara and Charlotte Riley for what were reportedly two roles: a love interest and a villain. Of course it remains to be seen if Selina Kyle will become Catwoman in the film (we doubt it, read on), and moreover, how the character/potential villain will be reinvented for Nolan’s much grittier and realistic take on the world of Gotham City. But that’s not the only news coming out of the Batcave today, as Tom Hardy’s role in the film has finally been confirmed.

After much speculation, Hardy is confirmed to play the villain Bane, a relatively new Batman foe. The character first cropped up in the comics in 1993, and in the “Legacy” storyline, he impresses Ra’s Al-Ghul so much he is chosen to become his heir and together they launch an attack on Gotham City. Bane is blessed with extraordinary intelligence — he knows six languages, has a photographic memory and is a master of various scientific fields — and in comics lore, he actually worked alongside Bruce Wayne at various points. He also had superhuman strength at times thanks to a serum known as Venom, but it remains to be seen how Nolan will play the character (the character later swore off the stuff). We’re really excited that Nolan has avoided fanciful villains like The Riddler or The Penguin and gone with a character who is more grounded and suited to the Gotham he has created. A hyper-intelligent villain is far more intriguing than one with a bag of tricks and we think it’s very smart choice.

If previous reports are accurate we presume that Selina Kyle will be a love interest to Bruce Wayne, which leaves the role of Talia Al-Ghul — who we presume will play a role in turning Bane against Batman — still to be cast. So don’t be surprised if Selina never bothers with the black spandex (sorry, dudes) and Nolan focuses on the Bane/Talia/Ra’s villain connection in the film. With the picture gearing up to start shooting in May, more announcements should be on the way but all signs are pointing in the right direction and “The Dark Knight Rises” is gearing up to be one helluva of a goodbye for Christopher Nolan to the franchise. The film hits on July 20, 2012.

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“which leaves the role of Talia Al-Ghul”

Um, when was this confirmed? The other female lead Nolan is supposedly looking for could be for any number of characters…A new D.A., a new Gotham mayor, a detective, etc….Why do you assume it is for Talia?

And if Talia is even in TDKR, who says she is the villain and Selina the love interest? Based on their comic book histories, Talia could be a love interest and Selina/Catwoman a foe, just as likely as the other way around.


Really digg everything. Happier that it’s Anne over Keira.

Kevin Jagernauth

Well, Bane does bust out a whole bunch of people from Arkham in the comics including Scarecrow so it’s a possibility he could show up for five seconds again.


yes, Kevin NAILED The Dark Knight Rises by speculating on the plot of a movie without actually knowing anything but citing “previous reports.”

LOLZ. Never seen someone on the internet do that before!

…Although probably a decent guess. I don’t see the point in having someone named Selina Kyle if she is just going to be another lame “Rachel” character though…and if this is the “final” movie I don’t see them “hinting” at her becoming Catwoman in a movie they don’t intend to make.

and when is someone going to report on whether or not we get more bag-headed Cillian Murphey?!?!


Is she a woman or a love interest first? Love it when female characters are reduced to an object in such an insulting manner. Why isn’t Christian bale her love interest?


Missed casting opportunity: TOM HARDY AS EGGHEAD.

Edward Davis

Fucking hell. Kevin just nailed The Dark Knight rises. Selina is the love interest and Talia Al-Ghul is the villain. Probably no traditional Catwoman at all. That makes total sense. nice work.

Kevin Jagernauth

Yes, Bane did use Venom and have superhuman strength at various points through the comics but he also swore off it later on. I think Sid’s guess at how Nolan will approach the material is pretty spot on. Nolan is less interested in superhero powers than more grounded, realistic villains and I think he’ll be more intrigued by Bruce Wayne finally being foiled by someone who has him figured out rather than some dude running around Gotham amped up on steroids.


I dunno where you get your info but Bane was a Caribbean prison bruiser hooked on super steroids who, like the count of monte cristo, crammed up on all types of subjects in the slammer, escapes and goes about taking over Gotham like he took over his prison – by toppling the main tough guy: Batman.

The Riddler is not a fanciful villain – commits crimes and leaves riddles just like in Se7en and all those Alex Cross books.


My guess is that they combine Bane with the Hugo Strange character/storyline (if it’s even loosely based on the “Prey” storyline) and he comes in as a consultant to help Gotham PD hunt down Batman. He figures out Batman’s identity and in a nod to Knightfall, physically break him. From there, it’s up to Nolan (who I have utter faith in).

Great choice in villains and casting. Really looking forward to a Nolanized Bane.


I agree with him being a good choice for Nolan’s Gotham, but hyper-intelligent? I think the most distinguishing aspect of the character (and what will probably be his gimmick in the movie) is that he has super strength and is bigger than Bronson because of some chemicals or something.

Sounds like a waste of Hardy’s talent so far.


what’s more interesting if and how the knightfall story arc will be an influence on the film…

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